8 Random Things

Monday, October 5, 2009

  1. FIE ON TORONTO sports teams. Marlies won in a shootout yesterday while I was suffering through dinner.
  2. FIE ON STUPID RESTAURANTS. As a mostly-vegan I get that it's hard to eat out, but when a restaurant 1) only has like 10 things on a menu to begin with and 2) fills them with meat, I get ticked off. This has nothing to do with hockey but yeah.... I missed hockey so I could battle my way through a stupid menu and a poor newbie for a waiter and a not very pleasant time with the relatives. GUH.
  3. FIE ON INJURIES. Desharnais has a broken foot (did I mention that already? Well, he does and it was about a week ago that he did it). GUH.
  4. JUNIORS HAD A SHUTOUT last night. Missed the third period because, you guessed it, I was suffering through dinner. Gotta feel for their opponents though, because the Drakkar lost 9-1 the other day to the Remparts (guhh) and now they got blanked. Too bad. YAY JUNIORS!
  5. FIE ON SHOOTOUTS. Out of curiosity, I had to find Sanford's shootout record (as he was rather um dismal last night) and his NHL totals appear to be 3-8 with a save percentage of .514. If you're wondering, our dear Priceberg is 8-8 with a save percentage of .702. Not dissing Sanford or anything, but please, Hammies, let's not go to a shootout again, okay?
  6. Wait a second... Sergei is back in Belarus? HOW DID I MISS THAT ONE? Get your butt back to Hamilton, you twerp. Fie on whatever part of Sergei's brain isn't thinking here. EDIT: umm okay... now RDS is reporting that he will go back to Hamilton. What the heck? I give up....I don't know where Sergei is. but hopefully we all know where he will be on Tuesday - which is when he's expected to show up.
  7. I really hope the Dalai Lama left some good mojo at the Bell Centre while he was there (and seriously, who gave him a Habs jersey?! That's nuts).
  8. Oh and Mike Boone says Komisaurus and Beauchemin were on the ice or in the box during all of the goals scored against the Leafs thus far. Beautiful. FIE on the Komisaurus!


Grrrreg said...

Damn, poor Desharnais!

And Sergei is back in Belarus?? Uuugh, this really doesn't sound good at all. I was kinda hoping Gainey or someone could talk to him and convince him that he still has a future in Montreal...

And sorry about your shitty night out!

Eternal Pessimist said...

Well, I thought I heard he was, but now I see something that says he's going to go to Hamilton.

I give up.

And yeah, David. Everyone is dropping like the 2008-2009 Habs... D: D: D:

Grrrreg said...

Uh, what the hell is going on with Sergei? Everything is really contradictory... Why am I still bothering trying to follow this?

Eternal Pessimist said...

I already called it quits XD

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