So this is what the new monument thing looks like

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Um yeah, being the lovely Saturday that it was (no really, it was lovely tonight) I had to spend my time in the car heading out to the Bell Centre to check out the new monumenty thingy that they put up.

I like it actually. I wasn't sure I was thrilled with the big CH logo on top, though. it would've been better if it was done in the same material stuff as the statues instead some weird coloured thing that looks too much like a the same thing they make those McDonalds' logos out of. But anyway, yeah, the rest is cool. And it's not like you can go too wrong with that logo anyway....

Huzzah! Finally a street name I can remember!

Season stats. Don't look at the last one *G*

The front. See what I mean about the logo? No? Meh.

The award stuffs.

The players.

Bigger versions of the pics can be seen here.


Number31 said...

And if you touch it, you evolve! Is that a flying hockey stick I see? Kubrick would be proud.

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