Now THAT is how you win. More or else anyway

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hammies wiiiiiiiiiiin. Err woooooooooon. And just not just any win either. In their home opener they won 3-0 against the Rockford IceHogs aka the baby Peachhawks.
  • In a pre-game interview, Boucher says that Sergei has been cooperative with the Hammies. Said he would not have known that he didn't want to do be there judging by how he was working with the team.
  • Kids shouldn't be allowed to sing the national anthems in big groups. They're squeaky and way out of tune. My ears were bleeding.
  • The Hammies and the Baby Peachhawks were having a competition to see who could end up in the penalty box the most (not sure who won that but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the PeachHogs).
  • Flandersdude REALLY wanted to call a goal, but no goals were forthcoming for almost 50 minutes of play (seriously).
  • Hey Balsillie! How about you put some of your money into Copps Coliseum? They couldn't even freeze the bloody ice last night. They had people MOPPING up the WATER on the rink last night. Seriously. He was kinda getting rather sad about it too.
  • Ask you and shall receive? I asked when the Hammies would actually score a goal aaaaaaaanddddd..... After futile powerplay after futile powerplay Ryan White FINALLY had a goal on the powerplay. Yes, Flandersdude was very happy. 49 minutes and 60 something shots in all later... We had a flipping goal! Cheers all around.
  • At this point they were supposed to go to a commercial break or something, but the dumb refs forgot and play continued and Pyatt had a goal within 30 seconds (pardon me, 31 seconds to be exact). HAH!
  • And Conboy capped things off with another goal a few minutes later. YAY!
  • Crawford was doing a good job keeping the IceHogs in the game until White's goal. Then it fell apart kinda.
  • Sanford kept the team in it with quite a few saves that should've been goals. Begeron had 2 assists. Sergei was quiet for most of the night.


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