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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I can OFFICIALLY say that I've fallen asleep through a Devils game now! It happened around 9:15 EST. I was lounging on the couch, wondering why the NHL schedule was subjecting me such a boring game, when POOF. I fell asleep.

So now I can officially cross off "Really fall a sleep during a Devils' game" off my list of things to do.



Habs are taking on the Flames tonight. Both teams are 2-0-0 (although, I think we can thank Crabby Khabby for the Flames' last victory). Except the Flames aren't losing their defensemen faster than Ovie can score on Vesa Toskala....

So what I want tonight:
  • OFFENSE! That means you, Andrei. If Sergei is really headed back to Hammie-town then it's time for you to smarten up too.
  • No getting stuck in our own zone for hours on end. That means everyone.
  • No more injuries! Give Andrei a smack upside the head if he's still sleep-skating, but other than that, leave everyone else alone. That means you, Phaneuf.
  • No more 40 + shots directed at the poor Habs goalie. That means everyone.
  • I'm sure there was other stuff but I'll leave that to Martin to lecture about.
Oh and did we mention that the game is IN Calgary? This is important because the city is a whopping TWO HOURS behind (which is not as bad as VANCOUVER but still). This means that we have to wait until NINE to watch the game. Did nobody ever tell these people that some of us have to sleep at night? Seriously! Maybe I'll pretend it's the Devils and go to sleep. ANYWAY, until the Habs game starts, I'll be debating whether I want to watch the Caps or laugh at the Skirmish of Ontario.

In other news:
  • O'Byrne will be out for 8 weeks
  • Sergei has indeed reported to Hamilton (or so says Bob and the Hamilton Bulldogs anyway)
  • I want a cast iron tea kettle. Buy me one, pwease?


Justin said...

Ah, you are now eligible for True Fanhood (tm) because you've fallen asleep during a Devils game. Just think, I'm in danger of that 6 times a year!

Mike Brownstein said...

I have yet to watch a Devils game, but I have fallen asleep during many a wild game in the past

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