Well... the good news is I saw Roger...

Friday, August 14, 2009

...the bad news is that he choked like someone stuffed one of those oversized tennis balls down his throat and lost the 3rd set after being up BY TWO BREAKS.


Clearly, I am not allowed to watch Roger live anymore. Which is a real pity because he's just so much more awesome when you see him in person.

*sobs more*

How could you, Roger? How could you? You are breaking my heart.... And I can't even stare at my favorite Soxie tonight as he decided to take the night off. Bah!

Oh well. At least I have PICTURES of ROGER though. There really no such thing as a bad picture of Roger. He is just so... photogenic. Go look! XD

So.... yeah... GO ANYBODY BUT MUZZY! Hopefully Rafa. But I'll take the Real Andy or Nole or even Delpo. Or heck, I'll cheer on the Chubby French Dude too. Just not Muzzy.


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