What an up and down day it was yesterday

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Now that I'm awake and can think a little clearer:

Aside from TMF losing in epic proportions... We had some other faily tennis news:

  • Muz won against Davydenko. Yeah. Saw it live. No, nobody cared about Muz. Everyone came to see Roger. And plus, everyone was baking in the sun and they were too hot to cheer on Muzzy.
  • Rafa lost to Delpo. Not like we were expecting anything different but it was still sad to see Rafa fail so sadly in the second set. I'm chalking it up to rust. He didn't look in pain to me but he was hitting everything long and wide and into the net. Rust. Rust. Rust. FIX IT SOON. Or else you'll end up with Roger in the semi-finals at the US Open. DO YOU WAN THAT RAFA? Because I don't. There can be nothing less than a Roger/Rafa FINAL.
  • And Nole failed against Andy not-Murray. As Dootsiez put it on All I Need is a Picket Fence:

    Over the last 18 months, Novak Djokovic has somehow managed to slump from “the Australian Open champ”, to “the perennial semifinalist", to “Jo-Willy Tsonga’s bitch“, to “momentarily the second best player on clay“, to “the quarterfinals or earlier guy“, and now to “three times Andy Roddick’s bridesmaid“

    Way to go Nole. NOT. You epic fail. So glad I'm not a huge fan of yours otherwise I'd be ripping out my hair.
  • in one not faily bit of tennis... My former Serbian canuck who is partnered with a Serbian won the doubles match to set up a semi-final match with... whoever won that match I saw yesterday. Knowles and umm... Buphati. Or something.
And baseball tried to fail too....

Amidst all this fail, here came the Soxies who are battling it out with the Texas Rangers for a wild card to the playoffs. And here came the top of the 9th with the failsox down by two runs. Oh here we go again.... Haven't we seen this movie before? It something like "Sox forget how to get runs in". But of course they couldn't just get struck out in quick fashion. No. Ortiz and Tek had to get on base. Ells who wasn't supposed to be on there shows up. Oh good. Maybe EP will get to look at her favorite Soxie at the very least. Not that EP needs to see more grumpy people. Oh what's this?! Ells gets a run in? OH so now the Sox are only down by one run? YAY! Of course the happiness didn't last. Oh no. The Woodthing struck out in a spectacularly sad fashion. 1 out.

And... oh dear baseball gods, what the hell is this? STICKBUG is going on base instead of Tek? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? The Stickbug doesn't even look like he's capable of running...Here comes Pedroia... omg he hits the ball! Omg run CLAY! YOU EPIC IDIOT RUN! DAMN. POINT PROVEN! THE STICKBUG CAN NOT RUN TO SAVE HIS LIFE OR THE GAME. Well, he would've made if he had known that the ball hadn't been caught as he initially thought. But still.. He was so floppy and flaily and faily at running. Plus he dove head first into home. Bad idea, Stickbug. Don't break your neck, you twerp. 2 out.

At this point, EP nearly died as Martinez wound up with two strikes against.... one strike away from the an epically faily night for EP. Stupid Sox. Stupid Stickbug. Stupid game. Stupid failtennis too. ARGH. OMG MARTINEZ JUST HIT THE BLOODY BALL. OMG IT'S A FAIR BALL. OMG THE SOX JUST GOT TWO RUNS IN. OMG THE SOX ARE WINNING?! OMG. EP died at this point of a heart attack. Hah! Of course they didn't stop there. That wouldn't be fun. No, Jbay sends Martinez to home. Then Drew homers! 8-4! Then some guy strikes out. Then the Sox win after the shell shocked Rangers fail to get any runs in in the 9th. HAH. HAH. HAH. SOX WIN! HAAAAAAAAAH! What an epically awesome way to end last night. EAT THAT YOU FAIL TENNIS!


  • We got D'agger back for one year (why all the one year deals, Bob?)
  • Happy birthday Gorges (that was the 14th)
  • Guy Boucher still scares me. But I wish him good luck with his coaching! (bringing this up as I just heard his loooong interview on Habs Inside/Out)


Number31 said...

1 year deals = are still RFA at the end of the one year deals. Well, most of them are. (Only Pleky isn't). It's genius! Mostly 'cause if they do have to move on next season (boooo) then at least we get compensation. (Unless there's no qualifying offer, then they turn UFA or something like that). I also believe it's easier to sign RFAers than UFAers. In Gui's case, he's even eligible for arbitration.

Meh it's all complicated cap crap.

Eternal Pessimist said...

I know but still... it makes me all sad to think that they might leave =(

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