Oh hey! Who's going to see Roger tomorrow?!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

OH YEAH! The dudes in charge of the schedule decided to be nice to me and saw to it that I'd be watching Roger tomorrow. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Anyway... So over the last couple of days, it was really "let's see how many times we can make countrymen play each other".
  • Nadal took on Ferrer last night and won in 36 minutes. Mainly because the wrong Spaniard had the knee problems and had to retire.
  • Nadal next faced the not-Spanish Philippe Pet..shc..Petschner... Petzschner... and won.
  • Tsonga faced Simon tonight and the Chubby French Dude won. I loved how they were both yelling and making faces... and then they promptly kissed and made up at the end (hmm, I'll be honest though, it wasn't anything like the kiss Monfils gave Simon a few months ago).
  • Roger faced poor Stan and he promptly beat poor Stan. Both were seriously cranky tonight though and as the errors piled up they were yelling away. They bothed also piled on the "oh why me?" looks. So cute.
  • Delpo, Nole, Muz, and Davydenko all made it through without playing their countrymen (mainly 'cause Muz doesn't have any Brits to play and all the other Argentine's have disappeared)
  • Verdasco and Roddick also had a great match which I missed most of...
Tomorrow I will get some doubles match that I might skip, Muz vs Davy aaaaaaaaandddddd Roger vs the CFD! AIEEEEEE! =)

Oh and... Look. We love Roger:


Grrrreg said...

Wooo! This is great, I hope the match will be fantastic! I just saw that the 8 best players will play each other in the quarterfinals... Nice tournament!

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