Random Wednesday: taking a break from all this Canada stuff

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Because we're already off on the whole Olympics stuff and I'm ready to kick a baby Leaf right now...it's time to see what the Europeans are up to.

  • Alexander "I'm not Ovie" Avtsin made it to no. 6 on Ryan Kenndey's Hot List of players we want to see in the NHL one day. I'm thinking perhaps Ovie's endorsement might have helped get Avitsin noticed a bit over here *g* Even if judging from the year he had last year, we really do want to see him in the NHL one day.

  • I had no idea Kovalchuk had two kids already.... he's like... how old?

  • "I used to be called young before. But then a different generation comes. Guys born in 1991 are drafted now. I am eight years older than they are... We are all growing up. Life does not stand still. Right now I am at the peak of [my game]. I will be "old" when I am 35." [from here] Oh. Okay then. Wait a sec. You're only twenty-six?! Yeah, you're real "old", dude. NOT.

  • Am I the only one who finds this kinda funny?

    Q. What did a year in America give you from a life perspective?

    Nikita Filatov: I went through a school of life in Syracuse when I was playing for the farm club. I lived there in an apartment all by myself. How was in it Russia before then? You come home, there is a plate in front of you. And there [it was different]. You come from practice, then go to a store and cook [for yourself]. You hold the phone to your ear. Moscow is on the other line giving you instructions how to fry potatoes.

    I know what he means, but the mental images of this 18 year old toothpick of a kid trying to get instructions on how to fry a potatoe from his mom in Moscow is kinda hilarious. Sorry Filatov... *g*

  • Speaking of Ovie and cooking... the dude is apparently going to cook for other people in this restaurant somewhere in Russia for something? Let's hope he can fry a potatoe.

  • Apparently Hudler can't play in the KHL. The IIHF has not granted him a transfer card which means he's not allowed to play in any sanction games (which apparently cover KHL games). This could be interesting if not for the fact that NHL seems to not really care about Hudler at this point and the KHL basically doesn't give a damn about what the IIHF says. So I really don't think this is anything to get excited over. They'll appeal the decision and win or lose, Hudler will stay put in Russia.

  • Okay. I can't help this: I have to admit that I am thoroughly enjoying the soap opera that is the Ottawa Senators. I was going to curse them for not getting rid of Heatley, but if this keeps up then this year will be FULL of drama. This could be a lot of fun. What? I like laughing at the Sens. Sue me.


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