Quote of the Day: It's obvious. Jumbo Joe is Canadian

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

[interview on my comp of Jumbo Joe and Marleau after both were stripped of their letters]

TSN guy: So how does it feel that the Sharks don't feel like you're a leader on this team? [read: how does it feel that your team is fed up with you choking in the playoffs?]

Jumbo Joe: Oh it's okay *smiles* *shrugs*

My mom: Let me guess. He's Canadian.

Me: umm yeah.

My mom: I knew it. His totally nonchalant attitude kinda gave it away. He was just like "ah, yeah, whatever. I'll go with whatever you guys decide". I feel kinda bad for him. He seems like a nice guy from the three seconds that I've just seen of him.

Me: Did I ever tell you what he said about Halak after our baby Slovak goalie stole the win for the Habs........?

My mom is so funny sometimes.....


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