Caption of the Day: Orientation camp is fuuuun. Not.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Okay so while I said I wouldn't pay any more attention the Olympics for now.. I couldn't help myself as they were broadcasting their scrimmage live. Yes. Live hockey. First time since... the Stanley Keg. ANYWAY.... rather than focus on all the annoying stuff, I went around looking at the pics that have come out on at the camp. There was just too much fun to be had with them.

Like this one:

Babcock: blah blah blah TEAM CANADA blah blah blah
Nash: if I stare really hard maybe it will look like I'm listening to him.
Iggy: must.not.fall.asleep.
Crysob: oh. my.god. did he just say I have a heavy butt? I DO NOT!

And this one:

Heatley: *on the phone to his agent* quick. Get me outta here. Babcock hates me. I have dimished role in the shootout drills. HELP!

And this one:

Babcock: NO LUCIC! You aren't supposed to beat him up. He's your teammate!!!!
Lucic: Sorry coach! Automatic response, you know?


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