Ya couldn't let me enjoy Roger's win, eh hockey?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Nooooo. You just had to come out with some completely annoying stuff today.

  1. They are canning the idea of the Habs hosting the Caps in the Olympic Stadium in the possible even that the Alouettes go deep in the playoffs. Heck with that. The Alouettes flipping better win the cup thing for this. WIN OR ELSE FEEL MY WRATH. RAR!

  2. There are rumors that Patrick Marleau wouldn't wave his NTC that would've resulted in Heatley being shipped off to San Jose. If this is true, I am now holding Marleau personally responsible for my mental health which will surely decline as I have to put up with Heatley staying in the same division as my team. Then again, that whole deal was supposed to have involved three teams possibly including our dear Habs (and if the rumors are true, our poor Jaro). So it's almost just as well that Marleau wouldn't wave it. But still. Now you know who to blame when Heatley drives you up the wall with his whining in about.... three or so weeks time.

  3. The are Wings fans who are STILL complaining about Crysob not shaking Nick's hand at the end of Game 7. Look, I'm just as bitter about that win as the next non-Pens fan... but really.... that is just ridiculous. Get over it. It's one thing to joke about it, but to continue to whine about it? Enough is enough.


Number31 said...

Good! Thank you Als for kicking ass this season! I don't want Price to get smooshed by a falling piece of Olympic Stadium!!! (CFL guys could probably take it, save for little ol' Ben Cahoon, but Pricey would be squashed!)

If the Habs play outside it better be outside... for real! Like in the Molson Stadium. The Molsons only sort of own the team... And it's nicer.

Eternal Pessimist said...


yeah... i guess.... but still....... *sobs*

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