Burritos vs tomatoes and olives

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

[with Roger's win, I can now go back to angsting about the Wings]

So the coach of the Puffles thinks that eating a Ancho Chile BBQ Burrito before games has actually helped his team win and that by eating one today, he will ensure a victory for the Puffles?

Apparently he doesn't know that every time *I* eat tomatoes and olives the Wings win.

Really. Throughout the entire Wings/Hawks series I ate tomatoes and olives except for game 3 where the Hawks won in OT and look what happened. Actually, I had to stop eating them before the finals, because the olives really had too much salt in them, but I have since learned that the house has been filled with tomatoes and olives again. Huzzah!

So we'll just have to see who's food propels their team to victory. And don't worry.. if it appears that my tomatoes and olives aren't doing the trick, I've always got plan B: cheer for the Pens. Worked like a charm last year when I cheered for them and they lost. And if that fails, I have plan C: voodoo dolls. Seriously, Bylsma's attempt at some good mojo has nothing on me and my cursing abilities. Nothing.


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