Roger is better on clay than Rafa?!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Technically speaking, yes, he is. Here are the points that both have accumulated during the clay season:


Monte Carlo (RD16) - 90 points
Rome (S) - 360 points
Madrid (W)- 1000 points
Roland Garros (W)- 2000 points

Total: 3450


Monte Carlo (W) - 1000 points
Barcelona (W) - 500 points
Rome (W) - 1000 points
Madrid (F) - 600 points
Roland Garros (RD16) - 180 points

Total: 3280

Okay, so really Rafa really is better than Roger on clay. He's won more tournaments this year (mind you, he did play one more than Roger and he beat Ferrer in Barcelona). But Roger did beat him at Madrid and Roger won the most important event on clay. But for this year, by virtue of his win at Roland Garros, he is the better one on clay. Sorry Rafa....


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