Now you've done it Colin

Monday, May 11, 2009

You've enraged the Bruins fans.

You thought you could only anger the Habs and the Caps fans by dishing out lame and unfair suspensions, eh? (and I suppose the Canucks fans were a little ticked off when you didn't suspend Ben Eager for his hit on Rick Rypien in the playoffs).

Well, you failed.


Walker punches out Ward (the Bruins D-guy) and what do you do? Nada! Oh no. Ward was just standing there and Walker punches him for no reason (fine. So Walker claims that he was anticipating a fight. Wow. Right now, I'm anticipating blood flowing in Raleigh tomorrow). And Colin, this would have been a great time to show that you're not as inept as people have been claiming all playoffs long. But nooooo, you just want me to change your name to "Colin the Inept", eh? Well, I think you just may have done it now.

I'm sitting here loving every moment of this actually - in a pathetic, angry, sort of way. This whole playoffs has just proved to me, how inconsistent you have been in suspending players. It's pretty ridiculous really.

At least I know that you're not just biased against the Habs. You're just totally inept. That makes me feel slightly better. Sorta. Although if Komisarek had punched Ward like Walker had punched Ward, then he'd be suspended for life. As it is, you fined Walker a few thousands dollars and enraged the Bruins fans. Yeah, all three or four of them.

Great job, Colin.


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