Here we go again....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

This series is starting to drive me up the wall. Why the hell did the Caps have to draw the Pens?

I do not like Crosby. If you like Crosby, great.

I am not anti-Canadian because I don't like him.

Yes, I feel bad that Crosby has been handled, hounded and manufactured since he could skate.

Yes, I believe he is a very talented player.

Yes, I think he has been over-hyped and he has been shoved down my throat here.

No, I am NOT a bandwagon Caps fan.

No, I don't just watch the Caps because I like Ovie. I like a lot of the other players on that team.

No, I do not like Ovie because I hate Crosby. I like Ovie because he's Ovie. And I dislike Crosby because he irks me.

Crosby and Ovie are mentioned too much in the same sentence. One has zippo to do with the other despite what the media says.

YES, I am getting tired of this Sid vs Ovie crap.

YES, I hate the media. More than before.

No, I don't appreciate intolorant and narrow minded people. Sports shouldn't be political or nationalistic and no matter how much you hate a team, you shouldn't go off and be a troll towards other fans.

Basically, I'm getting real tired of having to justify who I cheer for and why. Leave me alone, damnit. It's a free country. YES, it's again hitting me that les boys won't be back on the ice for another FOUR months and it's making me sad and grumpy. I want MY boys back so I can cheer and whine and talk about them, while quietly routing for the Caps.

BRING BACK MY HABS! (and leave the media and the trolls in Greenland, please)


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