Monday, May 11, 2009

(group hug!)


Excuse me while I go collapse now after that very intense game.





Okay. I'm back.

David Steckel tipped the puck in, and for once the deflection went into the back of the opposing team's net. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! (sorry Maffy....)

The Caps didn't look like they wanted it at the beginning though. The Pens dominated and were rewarded with a... either Puffy goal and a Puffy assisted goal. Whatever. It was two on one and Simmy had no chance. And that was it for the period. Shots on goal were apparently 18-4 which sort of reflected the Penguins total attempt at decimation.

Second period was... I'm trying to remember... We had a Kozzy goal - which reminded me of Andrei's awesome rocket shots (*sniffles* Andrei.....come back soon.....), a Flash goal after A2 got tripped up and *le gasp* they actually called a penalty. But it wasn't needed and A2 set up Ovie (or somebody) who attempted to score but Flash put it in past a sprawling Maffy. Of course the Puffles got a power play at the end of the period and scored on it. Meh. Still, we went into the third tied 2-2.

And then it got scary.

Between the 4:40 and 6:07 mark we had three goals. First from some Puffle - I thnk it was The Vampire - and then we had an A2 goal (FINALLY!!!!!!!) which I think actually went off of Laich (pffft). And THEN we had another goal from Kozzy. Because Gill sort of obstructed his own goalie. Hm...

And then with less than five mins left... guess who ties up the game? Puffy! *pukes*
AND THEN! We had a Puffles powerplay with TWO minutes to go. Heart-attack time.

Plenty of close calls but NO GOALS.


I thought the Caps really pressed hard in OT but of course it was the Pens who looked like they would have the break. I freaked out every time one came near the Simmy. And...and...and...THEN! Some Puffle shoots the puck and it rings off the post. OFF THE POST! Finally a lucky bounce in favor of the Caps! AH!!!!!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...... Steckel who got sent to the box at the end of the third period finally tipped in Laich's shot past Maffy. GAME OVER. See you Wednesday.

Of course this isn't over. Not by a long shot. We have 60 mins or more left until we know who will make the next round.

But for tonight, we will celebrate this win. Tonight, we will think about all the things that went right. We will remember that as the truly delusional fans that we are, we ignored the "experts" saying that the Penguins had the advantage and we never stopped believing that the Caps could send it back home for a game 7.

Well... their home. Unless they want to take over the Bell Center. I bet our ice would be better than crap at the Igloo. For an igloo with Penguins in it, the ice was crappy.

To quote that really annoying PA guy in Boston: WhoooooooOOOOOOOooooooooooooo!!!!!!


Useless info: With all kinds of puffy flowers poofing my sinuses have been bugging me so I was pretty low key about the game (until that wild third period). It didn't help that I was feeling great until the game started and Puffy came on the TV. I think I'm allergic to him.....

And... is it just me or does the that Win a Honda commercial use the Bruins goalhorn? You know... the commercial where the car pulls up into the garage and the goal thingy goes off.

By the way... The Hawks just finished off the Canucks. Now, as much as I'd like the Wings to win, could you imagine a final with the Caps and the Hawks? I may hate Kane and Toews but Semin does have a point about them. They can score and they can score awesome goals. Imagine... Ovie vs Kane.... Ovie would crush Kane of course.... =) It'd be battle of the showboats *g* (not that I necessarily think Ovie is a showboat.... *coughs*)



Grrrreg said...

What an exciting round this has been! I only watched the highlights, but the games played yesterday looked completely crazy...

I'm glad for the Hawks, and they're my team for the rest of the playoffs now (and yes, that clearly means that I'd root for them over the capitals!) ;) It's funny that Kane seems to irk a lot of people. I don't know him very well beside his play, is he that annoying? I thought Toews was more of a showboat.

And I'm praying for the Canes to win tonight and end the Bruins season! Come on Hurricanes!!!!!

Grrrreg said...

Oh, and I forgot again to congratulate you for your new header. It looks great! Maybe I'll change mine too one of these days.

Justin said...

The officiating in this series has been absolutely criminal. Last night, the Caps got outplayed from start to finish but won because of three ridiculous dives that would make Greg Louganis proud.

If the Pens want to win this series, they need to hit the ice like they've been shot every time they feel a stick on their bodies.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Grrreg - This series has been whacko. I'm actually looking forward to it ending (with a Caps WIN) so I can maybe relax a little bit.

I have no idea why Kane irks me. I've only seen him play a few times but there's something very irksome about him. And between him and Toews, I don't know how anybody can accuse Ovie of celebrating too much after a goal. Kane was crazy. Not that I have a problem with whacky celebrations. I'm fine with it, but there is NO way Ovie is a showboat and those two aren't *G* Eh, but they are talented and they are exciting for people who like them. I won't deny that. That's why I think it'd be awesome if you pitted the Western conference's most exciting team versus the most exciting team in the league *g* (*coughs* yeah, I'm biased... duh =p)

And thank you! I know I just changed the header but then I thought about doing one like this and... yeah... five hours later, I had this =)

Justin - I agree that the reffing has been bad. Not just in the series either. I don't know what's going on this year, but it's been really awful. That being said, personally, I thought the officiating has gone in favor of the Pens for most of the series. But obviously I'm slightly biased here. I hope that the officials will be fair(er) in the final game because you don't want to win or lose a series thinking that it was because the officials did something stupid. May the best team win on Wednesday =)

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