I don't get it....

Friday, May 15, 2009

As a Habs fan I admit I was angry at the Bruins season. I was angry that they had the dream season while my team decided it wanted to try being the Leafs for a year. I was angry that we had to play them in the playoffs - in the first round too. And I was angry that we got swept by them. We couldn't have been swept by say, the Penguins. No. It had to be the same Bruins team that we decimated only last year in the very same round. I was angry at the fans in Boston, knowing that each one of them was delighted beyond belief at the change in fortunes of the two teams. When the Bruins appeared to be struggling against the Hurricanes, I was pleased. I wanted to see them go down. I wanted to see them ousted from the playoffs. I wanted to see them pay for everything that they had done to my Habs.

When the Bruins were finally ousted last night, I swear every Habs fan was singing "Ha Ha You're Dead" by Green Day (it's a very catchy song if you want to know). The tweets coming in from the Habs fan were filled with "whooo"ing and "HELL YEAH". You could almost hear the sigh of relief around the city as the Habs fan all exhaled when the puck crossed the goal line.

And yet, I was sitting at my desk staring blankly at my computer screen, reading the tweets coming in from the shocked Bruins fans. I didn't see Walker's goal live but I could easily imagine the silence that fell at the Garden when the puck went into the back of the net.

I don't get it.

Despite some new-found love for some awesome Bruins fans, I could have easily been pleased at the misfortune of the team itself. As a Habs fan, I could have been pleased with the demise of the hated Bruins without being obnoxious. It could have been done. Privately, I could have been running around my house screaming at the Bruins untimely demise while not tweeting a word of it to the Bruins fans. And besides, the Bruins fans wouldn't mind. They were certainly excited to see their team beat my team, so I'm sure they would have accepted a little pleasure on my part. But either way, as a Habs fan, I could have - should have - been beyond pleased. And yet I wasn't.

I don't get it.

Seeing the Bruins lose was supposed to be the greatest moment short of the Habs or the Capitals winning the Stanley Cup. Seeing the team that had inflicted so much pain over the season and brought my Habs' post season to a very brief end in under a week, booted out in a rather unceremonious fashion was supposed be great. Seeing a look of what must have been shock and disappointment on Claude Julien's face was supposed to be bring a smile to my face. Seeing Thomas bolt from the net was supposed to make me jump around with joy. Hearing the dead silent arena filled with all those fans who had mocked my Habs in the previous round was supposed to be the best thing I had ever heard.

But it wasn't.

Sure it was a little nice to see the Bruins out, but it wasn't the greatest thing in my hockey life this season. I didn't feel the rush of exhiliration that comes with seeing my teams win a series or a game. Is it nice to know that they won't be lifting the Stanley Cup this year? Maybe. But my teams aren't coming back with it either.

I don't know. Maybe I'm still in shock or something. Or maybe I'm really not that bitter. Or maybe knowing that the Cup could very well be going back to Boston before it comes to Montreal is what's keeping me from being excited with this Bs loss. This Bruins team is good. Chances are, Boston will be raising that Cup years before Montreal gets anywhere near it. And that- despite me being all nice to people from Boston- is not a pleasant thought in the least for me.

Either way, when the Bruins meet my Habs next year, you can bet I won't be cheering for the bear, so don't worry. I may not be celebrating their loss now but I will be when my Habs get back to beating them. Bwahaha...


goaliemom31 said...

Oh, you are so funny! You are lamenting the downfall of the Bruins, and yet, you have a Tim Thomas Voodoo doll! Come and cheer for the Detroit Red Wings with me, and you won't have to watch your favorite teams tumble! ((((hugs))), goaliemom31

Eternal Pessimist said...

I guess you missed my Peach Fuzz vs Way Too Much Fuzz debate *g* but back to the Bs... I wasn't lamenting their loss so much as I was lamenting not celebrating their loss. Or something *g*

Number31 said...

Tis the greatness of the rivalry. A Bruins loss, and an ironic sucker punch at that, doth maketh a Habs fan happy. All is right in the world now. And 80% of those guys in the arena now turn their heads back to baseball or basketball.

Anonymous said...

i was in boston just before the playoffs started and it happened to be the same night that the habs were in town to play the bruins.

i wasn't at the game, but was having dinner down by the garden and i would say that i easily saw 200-300 montreal fans walking and driving around before the game. there were probably more.

they were hanging out their windows honking their horns and yelling at the boston fans; chanting and clapping as they walked by mccormick & schmick's.

i even saw a guy in a #11 kirk muller jersey. just about wet my pants.

it was awesome.

so, if you ever find yourself so enthralled with the habs beating the bruins that you want to drive yourself to boston to take in a game, you won't be alone. trust me.


Eternal Pessimist said...

Number31 - well, it was a tad poetic that it was Walker.... I'd watch out if I were him next year though....

Saucerpass - Yeah... that could be tempting... but I've never been one for screaming at other fans in person.... too dangerous *g*

The Puck Stops Here said...

As a Bruins fan, I appreciate you not being obnoxious about the B's getting knocked out :) you are a very classy Canadiens fan

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