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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just in case you were thinking I has gone sane...

First off...
EP learns exactly what baseball is about on Twitter

EP: How can anybody watch baseball? I don't get it...

Saucerpass: You don't really watch baseball. it's more like: you socialize with people while baseball is happening in the background

Sarah_Connors: you're supposed to WATCH baseball?

EP: I guess not? So what do you do then?

Saucerpass: when you go to a game, you're not supposed to watch it. you're supposed to focus on your $30 hot dog, $50 beer and your sunburn

Sarah_Connors: beer, bbq, talking with friends, more beer, uhhh.... really everything BUT watch the game. XD

EP: Why would they put baseball on TV then?

Saucerpass: so you can clean and do other things around the house and have it on as background noise.

EP: But what about when baseball hijacks hockey hour?

Saucerpass: touche salesman...i guess that's why we have the outdoor life netw.....errrr....versus.

Second of all... An explanation of the Nadal/Djokovic match for the hockey fans:

Nadal is the Ovie of hockey. Although thank goodness Ovie doesn't wear ugly striped shirts like Nadal has been wearing.

Djokovic is.... Djokovic would be the Semin of hockey. Entertaining by accident.

Federer is the Less-Whiney-Way-More-Adorable version of Crosby in the tennis world. Talented but getting forgotten in the Ovie hype.

Murray is Toews. But he's out. But I had to say that anyway.

Shockingly enough, the Semin of tennis beats the Ovie of tennis in the first of three sets. The Ovie does not look pleased. Actually, unlike the Ovie, Nadal pouts a bit. He puts his hands on his hips and shakes his head at the court. Anyway, the Ovie decides tha as the World No. 1 that he is, he better start playing better (you see, should he win, he could play the Less-Whiney-More-Adorable-Crosby of the tennis world). So after slugging it out, he downs the Semin of the tennis world in the second set. Third and deciding set. After some great and not so great tennis, it goes to a tie breaker. A third set tie-breaker is like OT. You have to go to 7 and win by two. So you can win 7-1, 7-4, 7-5. But if it's 7-6 you have to keep going. After plenty of amazing shots and plays, the Ovie wins 11-9 (that's like.... double or triple OT). He will now meet the Lovable-Version-Of-Crosby.

AND the official objective view on the Ovie vs Puffy debate is...

I have a friend who lives in Argentina. She knows nothing about hockey. She had never heard of Ovie or Puffy. I showed her a couple of pictures of both of them and gave a brief explanation of both of them in a rather objective format. And... she said she liked Ovie better. HAH! The objective Argentine says that Ovie is better. HAHA.

Don't bother questioning the objectiveness of that. I won't listen *g*


Grrrreg said...

Were you wearing your Ovie shirt and tormenting your Crosby voodoo doll while you gave her "a brief explanation of both of them in a rather objective format"? ;-)

Eternal Pessimist said...

Did you see the last line of that? I said I will not answer any questions or accusations regarding the objectiveness of the whole thing *g*

If I did it - IF - then perhaps I mentioned that Ovie was the best player in the League and by extension the world. I might have mentioned that Crosby was a twerpy less arrogant version of Ronaldo (which didn't help my hypothetical case because she likes Ronaldo anyway). I might have showed her the worst picture ever of Crosby - you know, those braindead pictures of the players on their official profiles - while using a much better one of Ovie that Kristin had taken. I then might have mentioned just how many beautiful and awesome goals that Ovie scored and how happy he makes me feel when he scores while my poor Habbies are stinking... I might have mentioned in really tiny type that Puffy was talented too while making sure I then had a billion messages about Ovie's awesomeness.

If I did it, then that's how it'd be done. But we're talking in the hypothetical here. I'm not admitting to anything.

And it wouldn't help me at all though even if I had said those things because we don't agree on tennis and we don't really agree on football no matter how many times I try to say that Ronaldo is a twerp.

Grrrreg said...

Ok, then I guess your demonstration is flawless. Ovie IS better.

Oh, and Nadal is growing on me, but I still prefer Federer. He's not the favorite, but I hope he can finally win Rolland Garros.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Of course my demonstration is flawless. How else do you think I've got my entire house (possibly minus my sister) to cheer for Ovie? =)

And yeah, I prefer the Fed even if I compared him to Crosby.... I'd love to see him break Sampras' record and get Rolland Garros. But the Clay Monster is so tough... we'll see. Haven't seen the final yet (it's coming on at 12 my time) so we'll see how the Fed looks =)

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