Wow... being a pack-rat can be cool sometimes

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So I was going through boxes of old crap that I've collected over the years and to my delight I found old newspapers dating back from the World Cup in 2002 (football). I think that was the first time that I actually watched a sport with any interest. But more importantly, amid all the wonderful football stuff, they had HOCKEY STUFF and TENNIS STUFF. It was awesome...

Pete Sampras was like a million tennis years ago, and they talked about Ancic beating Federer at Wimbledon which was the last time until Nadal in 2008 that Federer had lost to someone at Wimby. That was really cool. Butbutbutbut... seeing Theodore winning the Vezina and... Hart trophies thing was awesome and talking about the Red Wings winning was almost as cool. And I completely forgot that they had drafted Higgy that year but of course I lost the page where they talked about him. Bah. *hugs hockey stuff* =)

I dont' feel so bad about keeping a lot of stuff now....*hugs newspaper and tosses everything else out* goodbye crap!


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