Isles get blown up 9-0...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I mean really. I know they wanted to lose but that's crazy. Really crazy. I feel for you guys. I really do. In other news, the Caps downed Kovalchuk. Ovie was originally credited with a goal but then they gave it to Fedorov. Poop. But the Caps did win the game 4-2. So we'll take that. It's time for some serious Flyers love tonight as the orangy people won 2-1 over the Panthers. Thank you Philly. I love you guys (for now).

Oh and yes... the Habs lost. Obvious by the title, right? Right. They looked so lost out there... My poor team. They looked tired both physically and mentally. I'll just leave with a few notes to certain players:

  • Sean Avery: You are an idiot. A huge idiot. The refs may have missed your cheap hits but I didn't. You are an idiot. I believe I've called you an idiot and a moron at least 20 times tonight.
  • Price: ....oh Pricey.... you weren't awful. You weren't your normal wonderful self that we needed to see tonight, but on a whole I don't believe that you are to blame solely for this loss.
  • Komisarek and Gorges: When you play the amount of minutes that you guys did last night, I guess you were bound to be tired but..... that was brutal at times...
  • Komisarek: Mind you.... you did make up for that horridnes son the first goal by making the save of the night. Plus you hit Avery. Brownie cookies for hitting Avery.
  • Breezer: How is it that you're the only D not to have been injured this year? How? You did have one good save though. So congrats.
  • Kovy and Koivu: Where the hell were you two?
  • Tanguay: stop those passes to nobody. They are stupid and lead to giveaways (duh)
  • Lapierre: You should have buried Avery when you had the chance
  • Metro and Dandy: You two were good but Metro is too sloooow....
  • Pleky and Andrei: You two are going to be the death of someone....
  • Refs: You were bad.
  • Gomez: Wow... you showed class when RDS peppered you with questions in an attempt to get you to bash us. Wow. You are the one good Rag today.
  • Price Bashers: I'm sorry but, you win and lose as a team. Price was not the only one to blame for this. The D was awful. The offense was dead. How is it Price's fault that the guys in front of him scored all of one goal? - and for the records, it was a very ugly goal by Dandenault. How it is Price's fault that his team was grossly outshot? How it is Price's fault that the PP has now gone to hell? It's not. Was he brilliant tonight? No. But did his team help him? Uh nope.

Enemy watch

  • Brodeur and Co got trounced by the.... Leafs.... Uhuh.....Brodeur you never cease to amaze me...
  • Boston got trounced by the.... Sens.... Uhuh.... Obviously you don't underestimate the power of meaningless games
  • Malkin broke Malone and the Bolts lost. Whatever.

Junior Deathwatch

  • Poor souls lost 6-1....


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