A win puts us in the playoffs while a loss.....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

doesn't. Rags can't catch us if we win and neither can those stinky Panthers. Still, should one or both win tonight, we could be in some serious trouble. The Wingsies helped us last night by crushing the Sabres last night. Now we need the Flyers to be the Flyers and crush the Panthers (or maybe Briere could go all Crosby and randomly fight a guy who made a perfectly legal hit on a teammate?). And as much as I detest the Devils and the Bruins, I want to see them decimate the Leafs and the Sens. Crush them into itty bitty pieces. Doesn't matter if the Devils win at this point. The Leafs must be crushed. If you could all hit Grabs that be awesome. It'd be cool if the Islanders actually beat Cam Ward but I'm not holding out for that.

Anyway... It's raining/snowing outside today. Even my dogs dont' want to go out in this weather. So. I'll be inside, trying to think of a way to shred Grabs or plotting some evil plot to do with freezer-paper stencils on clothes....

Bah... Oh and it's Avery night. Hmm... You know the difference between Avery and Grabovski is to the best of my knowledge, Avery has not seriously injured anyone this season. Sure, he talks crap, is annoying as hell and everyone hates him, but there's a difference between being a super pest and being a super moron who takes cheap hits at your players.


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