Proof that we need to clone Markov

Monday, April 6, 2009

Losing Lang was bad. I really felt that his perky manner in front of the media was just as prevalent in the dressing room and that losing Mr. Perky was a big blow to the team. But losing both Markov and Schneider at the time of the year is beyond big blow.

It was really clear that the Habs were struggling without Markov. How much of it was the actual physical loss of Makrov or of the mental impact of losing him, I'm not sure. Probably both. O'Byrne and Janik are obviosuly not the best alternative to Markov and Schneider and Brisebois is only good when he gets in about 5 minutes a game. But on a whole, I didn't think they were awful (I mean, O'Byrne didn't actually put the puck in the empty net tonight so that's good news). Gorges really stepped it up, I thought and Komisarek played a fairly solid game. Both ended up with a bucket load of icetime. Kovy had a goal as did Hammer (!). Higgy had a penalty shot after missing and open net because he got killed. Habs are 0-3 on the penalty shots in their last three games. Go figure. Halak needed to be better than he was but I can only blame him so much. The D was in tatters and the offense couldn't bury their chances.

But damnit, the Sens outskated, outworked, and just bloody well outplayed the Habs. Obviously not a good sign for the playoffs - asuming we get the points that we need and get in. I could go on and on and on about the game but I won't. Suffice it say, it wasn't good and I had to rewrite this damn post three times in a lame attempt at coming up with something that 1) wasn't filled with swear words and 2) wasn't filled doomsday crap. You want doomsday stuff, read the paper tomorrow morning.

I'll finish by saying this: Grabovski better be playing in th KHL next year because as long as he's in the NHL he will play the Habs and he is so screwed if he steps foot in this city. So screwed.


Grrrreg said...

Sigh. Apparently Janik wasn't bad. I believe they'll make the playoffs. After that, it's gonna be really hard, but hey, you never know. That's all I got this morning...

Justin said...

If you cloned Markov, would he then be a Markov chain?

Eternal Pessimist said...

No, Janik wasn't bad but he's not Markov..... =/

Uh... what the heck is a Markov chain? *reads* Still lost.... lol. Numbers make me go whacko...=p

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