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Friday, April 3, 2009

So I ended up staying with the Hammies. I started with the Caps who only seemed to want to score when I was listening to someone else so I dumped them for tonight. Like I'm going to watch a team that refuses to score when I'm listening to them? C'mon.... The Juniors were getting murdered and my ears were getting murdered by the annoying announcers so I stuck with the Hammies.

Can I just say tha I want the Hammies announcer to announce the games for the Habs. I WANT HIM. He's really funny. I missed the Hammies first two goals (wha? the first one came 9 seconds into the first period) but I was paying attention when the poor Ned Flanders-sounding guy went berserk as Brock Trotter set up David Desharnais to make it 3-1. I can't remember exactly what he said but oh my god.... I'm worried he'll die of a heartattack one day because he gets so excited *g* As much as I've complained about Steve Gainey being a very boring colour commentator (sometimes they grab him when he's not playing), I'm missing him tonight. He always says a lot of intelligent things and his really boring monotone voice provides a nice normalicy to the commentary *G* What? You expected Bob Gainey's son to sound like the Ned Flander's dude? Uhuh.....Riiiight....


After taking a 3-1 lead the Hammies went byebye in the third period and let in two back to back PP goals by the Grand Rapid whachamacallits. Desharnais nearly got a hat trick but then they waved it off and I was ticked off. But then the Hammies got two 5 on 3 PPs and they scored twice and pulled ahead. Desharnais would get the second of those two goals so I was pleased then. Grand Rapids peeps put the puck in their own empty net when one of them tried to play goalie and failed and Alex Henry was given the credit for the goal. So all in all, an ugly first half to the third period but a nice end!

EDIT: I didn't mention that Desharnais got the hatrick in the end?! WHAT? Well, he did get it. And everyone went insane =)

A few notes:

  • Yannick Weber has an interesting accent...Is his first language German? I know he's Swiss but.... They kinda speak a lot of languages in Switzerland......
  • Flanders dude can't say "Canadiens". No special announcer brownies for saying names right for you tonight, Mister.
  • He also can't say "Briere" right but then again, it's not exactly easy if you're not French... Trust me. I've wasted a lot of hours trying to say that little twerp's name right. If I'm going to dis a guy, I better be able to say his name right. It's all in the throat, yo.
  • AHL doesn't quite run as smoothly as the NHL does it? They gave Grand Rapids a penalty and gave it no. 30. Only problem is, the Grand Rapid dudes apparently don't have a no.30......So they sent a few people in and out of the penalty box before finally getting it settled.
Enemy watch in the NHL

  • The world is coming to an end because I was happy as Mr. Flanders-sounding guy is when the Hammies score when I saw the Flyers beat the stuffing out of the Leafs. Well... after taking a 5-0 lead they then got more goals and let in more goals and finally won 8-5. Uh....This is what happens when the Flyers announce that they have a goalie that they'll be using for the rest of the year... said goalie goes "poooof". Not that I care too much. It's Biron, yeah? I still hate him.
  • Ovie disappointment me as he stupid team lost 5-4 in OT. Blag. Blag. Blag. You were supposed to shut down the Sabres hopes! YOU BAD CAPS! BAD BAD BAD BAD! I don't give a hoot that you clinched your division. YOU DIDN'T WIN!
  • but meanwhile, Kovalchuk is trying to win me over by.... not scoring.... but unlike Big Bad Ovie who did score and still had his team lose, the Thrasher's Kovy's team beat the Panthers to keep them down, down, down, down. YES! YES YES YES YES YES! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • I hate the Devils.
  • Flames are getting shutout again....4-0 with about a min left...

Sad news from the QMJHL

Juniors got decimated 7-1............eeee.........=(


Number31 said...

See? Told you to watch (listen to) the Bulldogs ;) The Juniors got their asses kicked by Drummondville and it wasn't very pretty. And Desharnais (aka Double-D) got a hat trick in the end, actually! I love that little guy.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Poor Juniors. I really felt bad for them... That's got to be pretty demoralizing...

I thought I mentioned that he got a hatrick in the end....? Everyone went totally berserk when he got the goal. Huh... Guess I was too excited to type it =D

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