Leafs nation here we come!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I still think that this game should be next week instead of the Pens.... I'd love for our last game to be at home versus the Leafs....NHL schedule you fail once again.

Do I need to say anything about this one? A win is needed for so many reasons tonight. I don't care how they get it but I want a win for the following reasons.
  1. It's the Leafs. I hate the Leafs.
  2. They've beaten us TWICE now in a very embarrassing fashion. We need revenge.
  3. I want to see Ron Wilson blow it when we beat them. Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching Ron Wilson blow it. Well, watching Ovie score definitely ranks higher than watching Ron Wilson pull a hissy fit... and the Habs winning in any form gives me more pleasure than watching Ovie score.... but watching Ron Wilson get mad is fun. Did I just say "Ron Wilson" three times in the last sentence? He's got one of those names that you have to write out the full thing for it sound good.....
  4. Two points would be us a whole five points head of those 9th place Panthers. That would help a lot in securing a spot in the playoffs.
  5. With the Rags playing the Bruins, a win by the Habs and a likely loss by the Rags, would help keep us out of 8th. That is good, people.
  6. I want to stick a win in Grabovski's chubby face. I would SO make the guy a voodoo doll if I wasn't more occupied making barberpole pillows.....
  7. I also want to continue proving that Gerberfood isn't a good goalie.
  8. I want Halak to get a bloody win. Those stupid Leafs made him look like a dolt last time. He's better than that. C'mon Jaro! And c'mon defense....! Dont be stupid!
  9. I want to stick a win in the faces of those idiots on TSN, CBC and every other Leafs biased channel out there. If I here "Brian Burke is the messiah! Let's all rejoice!" spiel again, I will take over Toronto in one form or another. And once I do...say goodbye to all those crappy channels
  10. I hate the Leafs. Did I say that yet?


kristin said...

In last night's Flyers game, they started Gerber, pulled him, and then put him back in. HAH!

Eternal Pessimist said...

Haha. I saw that Cujo was pulled for Geber but I didn't know that Gerber was in nets first... Haha.. that's hilarious....Sorta. Hmm... Biron was a bit of a sieve too though....Oh well. I hope Gerber and/or Cujo are sieves again tonight..

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