Ah revenge is so sweet....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Especially when it's against those Leafnuts. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh Flyers, I have to thank you so much for bashing those Leafs around last night because for a lot of it they weren't even putting up a fight for a lot of the night. Gerberfood was well, Habbies food out there. SIX GOALS for the Habs to the Leafs 1 1/2 (more on that later). HAH! EAT THAT YOU LEAFS!

The goals and almost goals:
  • Kovy had such a pretty goal as he went up and over Gerberfood's shoulder on the PP
  • Gui had a goal was nice even if I missed it because I was reading something else... Oops =p
  • Habs tried to play baseball at one point to get the puck out of their own zone at one point.
  • Gui outskated Schenn who proved that he can't walk on water yet, and got a penalty shot for his trouble. I mean... no offense to Gui or anything, but umm, how does he manage to outskate both Toronto defense people when they're all standing there together? It wasn't like he got a headstart or anything......Fine so it's Toronto but what happened to Schenn???
  • Gerberfood stopped him on that penalty shot but we didn't mind too much.
  • Mainly because Tanguay would be credited with a goal a few minutes later. I think it went off a Leafnut though. But it doesn't matter. Habs goal made Wilson angry.
  • Pleky then did some stuff that looked like goalie interference and Gerber took it personally and while he was crabbing to the refs, Higgy scored. Eh. Well, lesson learned is don't whine to the refs. Someone will always score on you while you're whining
  • Jaro had some beautiful saves to keep the Leafies down.
  • Leafs did get a yucky goal when it was already 4-0. Got tipped in by some dude
  • Didn't matter because Lapierre got a PP goal pretty soon after
  • Gorges - yes, I said GORGES SCORED! - had another goal in which the Habs didn't lose the game. So his curse thing is over! YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!
  • Leafnuts got a goal when Habs were on PP near the end of the game and Tanguay tripped and whoever got the goal put it past Halak. Uhuh. That was stupid.
    But the whole thing was moot anyway because the Habs won and the Leafs lost.
The epic fails
  • Two guys tried to fight Laraque at once. Laraque did fight back and Stewie literally jumped in to help. I say the Leafs lost that fight. If only because it was so damn cheap to begin with.
  • Ron Wilson didn't totally blow it so I was sort of sad by that. He looked almost resigned. I didn't want resigned. I wanted mad! YOU FAIL WILSON! FAIL! FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL!
  • Did Wilson really want to win so he could ruin our season? If so... EPIC FAIL OF EPIC PROPORTIONS! FAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL!
  • The Leafs. For being the Leafs.
  • Gerber. Because he's Gerber.
  • Grabs because he's still in one piece
We're worried about....
  • I'm hoping Schneider is okay after he was rammed into the boards. Why can't they ever injure Breezer?
  • Markov. See below.
The stats said...
  • The Leafs outshot the Habs 36 to 29. Oh really? Better for Jaro's stats I suppose =)
  • Habs PP was 3 for 8 while the Leafnuts were 0 for 7
  • Leafs had 24 penalty minutes and one shorthanded goal compared to the Habs 14 minutes of penalties, 3 PP goals and 3 even strength goals
  • Grabs took most of those penalties. He got 2 for tripping at one point and 2 for slashing, 2 for roughing, 2 for boarding and 10 for misconduct. Bet he did it on purpose to save himself from the Habs
  • The Leafs have let in 14 goals in two nights and scored 7
  • The Habs have scored 11 goals in the last three nights and let in 3
Things I wanted and liked:
  • I wanted Sergei to play and beat up Grabs but it didn't happen... Next year Sergei!
  • The crowd was definitely pro-Habs. So nice to see Habs fans in Leafsnation. It was like "GO HABS!" and then "go leafs?" in the background.
  • Whoever said Kovy shouldn't or couldn't play on the same line as Koivu is wroooooooong. Kovy has done SO much better now that he has good people to play with. Ditto for Koivu. And I guess Tanguay too but he's been gone for a while so he doesn't really count in this. THEY WERE GOOD AGAIN. ME LIKES!
Tonight in Grabs bashing....
  • Is it possible to hate that little twerp anymore than before? Well, I do. He nearly injured Markov seriously and got beaten up for his hit (which wasn't all that dirty but still....). He better bring some protection next year because I swear if I see him I'll whack him with a plastic spork.
  • He is SO getting his own voodoo doll. I was going to Toskala but someone beat me to it.
  • The guys seemed to like to hit him quite a bit tonight. I do believe even Laraque hit him *gasp* but the code, Georges! The code!!!!! Oh hell with the damn code. HIT GRABS!
In Conclusion:
  • This win makes us 3-3 with the Leafs and yet I can't remember the third game. Was there ever a third game against the Leafs in which they won? I only remember two. Whatever. The stupid thing is only one of those wins has been at home. Both teams got one embarrassing win at home and two embarrassing wins on the road. Hmm...
Ahem.... and in other very important news:

Bulldogs report:
  • They Hammies won their second of back-to-back games versus the Grand Rapids somethings. I didn't hear it for obvious reasons (I was busy when the game started and missed the rest because my Habbies were playing). But they won 4-2 with Cedric Desjardins in nets for them. The previous godawful Hammies PP actually worked twice and they even ended up with a shorthanded goal as well from Ryan Russell. Whoopieeee!
And the enemy watch:
  • Bruins blanked the Rangers to take the East. Bruins win was sad but Rangers loss was great news for the Habs. Avery is a huge idiot. If he tries to hit one of MY goalies on Tuesday I want permission to sick Pleky on him. Yes, Pleky. Don't you remember what he did to... I think it was over-happy-Prospal in Tampa Bay? The dude goes near Pricey and then BOOM the next thing we know, Pleky's got him on the ice and is hitting his head.
  • Devils knocked off the Sabres. Again, a Devils win was sad but a Sabres loss was music to my ears. Guess the Sabres don't want to be in the playoffs either.
  • Flyers lost in shootouts to the Stinky Sens. I believe Itty Bitty Danny got the only goal in the shootouts for the Flyers after ten minutes of reviewing the goal. Part of the time was spent trying to determine which little blob was Danny and which blob was the puck. Niitymakii was SO angry when he lost in the shootout. He was smashing stuff. I love watching Flyers goalies get angry. It's very therapeutic.
  • Eric Staal's team downed baby brother Jordan's team in OT. Really, Cam Ward MUST BE STOPPED. But it was nice to see the Pens lose too.
  • Isles are ruining their chances of the Tavares Sweepstakes by winning against perpetual loser Tampa Bay. C'mon, you losers! Start losing! It's for your own good!
Juniors deathwatch:
  • The Juniors blew a 3-1 lead and lost in OT to the Drummondville somethings...They will now come back here and pray to the hockey gods that the crowd makes Drummondville lose.
And in international hockey news
  • Canada's women's team smashed China 13-1 and outshot them 74 to 4. Hmm.... Remind me how that 1 little goal went in.......?????? They take on the considerbly better Sweden next.


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