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Sunday, March 8, 2009

There once was a kid named Sid
Who had more talent than a lid
Then Ovie came around
And Sid fell on the ground
And that was the end of the kid named Sid

So I can't write a limerick very well. Sue me. Never wrote one before. And yeah, I'm bitter that he beat Ovie. Sue me some more. But before you do, check out these articles if you want to be amused.

Down Goes Brown has fun at Brian Burke's expense again. Very funny stuff.
Number31 calls herself a dork for writing this, but I think she should change jobs and write full time *g*


Number31 said...

There once was a goalie named Price
Everyone thought he was pretty nice
Only 21 years old
He stood tall and bold
And kicked ass all over the ice

No? Well, I've always been more of a short stories writer...

Eternal Pessimist said...

Of course it just so happens that Price rhymes nicely with "nice" and "ice" =) Love it all the same *g*

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