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Monday, March 9, 2009


There once was a goalie called Halak
Who was one talented Slovak
He was backup to Price
And was kept off the ice
And that's the story of Jaroslav Halak!


Danny Briere was a big a bum
Until he was offered a huge sum
Because he was a squirt
He always got hurt
Since then Danny has been quite mum


There once was a kid named Ovechkin
Who sent lots of people k'vetshin'
He liked to celebrate
And got called an ingrate
But since when is celebrating a great sin?


The Stars had a guy called Steve Ott
Who thought he was rather cool - or not!
When Stewie came callin'
To his mom he went crawlin'
So much for that guy called Steve Ott

Am I having too much fun with this?


Number31 said...

(oops deleted by accident)
Aww that Jaro one is sad. C'mon. When I see the other backups in the league I thank the heavens for little Jaro!

C'est la vie when you're coach with the Habs
It takes guts and steely hard nads
But when things go so wrong
They'll be singing your song
And your job will then be up for grabs

Eternal Pessimist said...

Well, it's true about poor Jaro...and I fear he'll be stuck on that bench with his ugly hat... =(

Well said about the coaches btw!

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