Ovie makes me cry but Habs win me back!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well, Ovie crushed my heart by losing to the Puffleheads in shootouts, but the Habs made things nice by shooting down the Stars 3-1 tonight. So despite wanting to kick Crosby back to the AHL, I'm happy for my Habbies.

Well my day started off crappy with a win by the Rangers over the Bruins (I needed the Rangers to stay down) and a win by the Puffles over Ovie and Co. It got worse when I learned that the Baby Leafs beat the baby Habs and the grown up Habs looked like crap in the first period. Dallas controlled the entire first period and earned themselves a goal on a five on three chance. The Habs were continually in the penalty box which carried into the second period. But then things changed. Probably mostly due to Stewart being the enforcer that we never got in Laraque. After running everyone over, Steve Ott was just asking to get beaten to a pulp. But who was going to that? Higgins? Kovy? Yeah right... Stewie came to the rescue and attempted to fight Ott who actually curled up into a little ball and wailed for his mom. Stewie then got sent off while Ott returned to the benches. If only being an annoying jerk could be a punishable offense.... Anyway, Stewie's acts seemed to wake up the Habs. After killing off a huge cluster of penalties at the beginning of the period they returned with two goals from Andrei Kostitsyn and Kovalev. Higgins would then add another goal when Turco was caught out of the net and left Higgy there to score on an empty net. Of course Turco did it right as I was explaining to mom that he's done this before and I missed the goal. Boohoo.
  • Sloppy first period. Better than having a sloppy second though... hehe...
  • Andrei Kostitsyn just couldn't find the net tonight after his goal.
  • Price looks back to his old self again and came up with some big saves (can he please step up and show some confidence now?!)
  • PP was 0-3 but they did get some good chances....Actually, they were probably too stunned that they were on the PP and not on the PK to realize that they were on the PP....
  • Turco needs to stop giving the puck away.... I mean for Dallas' sake...I was hoping all night that he was going to do that.... =)
  • I love Stewart. He's like the Laraque that we never got.
  • Habs looked like they were playing better defense (minus the first period).
  • Ott needs to be drop kicked off the rafters.
  • Why do all the super pests/morons have to be from Canada?
  • Is it just me or did the Habs actually not make it turnover city tonight?
  • Mom thought Turco looked like a porcupine all night because he kept curling himself up into a ball when he saved the puck.


Number31 said...

Kovy and Price were chatting before that huge PK thing. I saw Price giggling. Where's a mic when you need one! Maybe he had Ott's tooth hidden in his blocker? (Spoils of war). The Ice Girls were apparently looking for it later.

Stewie <3

grrrreg said...

Good one on the 'sloppy second', that made me laugh! And poor Jaro with his ugly cap on the bench... He really has no luck.

Eternal Pessimist said...

It wasn't just the ice girls... the ice cleaning brigade were looking for it too apparently... Maybe Stewie's got it now =)

And yeah, Jaro has no luck at all... I feel bad for him...He's back to being a nobody again.

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