Of voodoo dolls, barber pole jerseys & Roy's cursing abilities

Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Monday! And that means there's no good NHL hockey on and apparently there's no AHL hockey on either.... HELLO?! Who organizes these stupid schedules?! Reason #345678 to take over the world: You get to arrange the hockey schedule the way you want it. Anyway... No hockey = me rambling about... hockey. Whoopie...

Okay first off.... I missed the Bulldogs playing yesterday because 1) they played in the afternoon and I hate afternoon games and I always overlook them by accident 2) I was also busy making myself a Gary Bettman voodoo doll. Took me the whole darn afternoon to make it too. Pooh. I'm mad because apparently it was a really good game despite their loss to Moosies of Winterpeg. with the loss they poor Baby Habs can't catch said Moosies for first in their division but they could make a run for second. Let's go Hammies! Amid my disappointment, I did learn that the Ultra Baby Habs were playing so I did catch most of the Montreal Juniors gam and am pleased to say that they wrapped up their series against Rouyn-Noranda with a 4-3 win in game 6. Yay! Unfortunately Drummondville is up next and apparently they're one of the top ranked teams... Poop.

But yes.... behold! Bettman gets to join Crosby in the Tissue Box of Doom (yes, I have no life and knitted Crosby a puffle blue scarf. What can I say? I was left all alone in a house filled with wool and knitting needles and despite not knowing how to knitt either I decided to make one). I still cant' sew in a circle so more turnip headed dolls *g* I think he's got too much hair too....

And... if you didn't know already... the Barber Pole Jerseys are coming back on Tuesday! I think they've kind of grown on me in a "wow, they're so ugly they may just be kind of cute" type of way. Unfortunately for Lang though, whenever I see those, I will forever think of him. Dont' ask why. My brain just works that way.

Oh and last thing....

Dear Patrick Roy,

I get that the recent performance of the Devils is due to the fact that you've cursed them because they took your record (yes, "they"). But really.... you're timing sucks, man! The Canadiens need the Devils to beat the Rangers tonight and that can't happen if Avery's gotten into their brains. I think you're little curse-fest on the Canadiens is over now (c'mon... nobody can stay that bitter forever. Especially when everyone seems to love you again) so if you'd be so kind as to uncurse the Devils for tonight's game, that'd be great.



P.S. Please feel free to curse them again after the game.

THIS is the last thing... I will write up something serious one day soon. I just feel that in current mood of things with the Habs, I much prefer to go off into the world of fun insanity.


Grrrreg said...

"The world of fun insanity" is fine, as far as I'm concerned. It's really refreshing to read something not too serious about the habs, especially these days.

Oh, I love the tiny blue scarf. And I think your Bettman doll is wearing a wig.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Yay! =)

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