Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Warning: this post is overlong and filled with lots of randomness. Proceed at your own risk.

::Pregame ramble::

Mood: Oddly pleased.
Liking....: the idea that the crowd will most likely boo Huet. Not that I've got a thing against the guy... I just love it when the crowd shows emotion.
Not liking....: the thought of the possibility that the Habs will lose tonight.

  • So.... remind me again how many Stanley Cups the Blackhawks have won....? Yeah, I thougth so too.....
  • Lots of talent on this team, blah, blah, blah.... Yeah, they're really inconsistant, blah, blah, blah... Yeah, they look better than they gave in years, blah, blah, blah.....Kane and Toews are good.... blah, blah, blah.....
  • CHRISTOBAL HUET. I wasn't around when you played here but I did witness a very awful game on your part when you played in that Winter Classic thinger... So I dunno what to think about you. This should be interesting to see.
  • Who names their kid Christobal though.....?
  • Gainey must have seen my stick figure thing about the jerseys because he decided that the guys won't be wearing them. Ah... the intrigue! Who would have thought that a guy who wears these ugly brown ultra fuzzy suits would know anything about fashion? Or is it because the guys on the team think that they're cursed (I mean, Lang and Latendresse did get beaten to a pulp because the Bruins were probably completely disoriented)? Or is it because everyone has decided that they really do look godawful when there's six players out there on the ice altogether? Whatever. No barberpole jerseys for the Habs tonight... boohoo.....

Enemy watch

  • So Brodeur disappointed me majorly the other night. Typical. Now it's time for me to pray for a Sens victory over the Panthers while fully expecting the Sens to prove themselves hate-worthy by losing. All together now... "SENS SUUUUUUCK".
  • Boston vs Tampa Bay... Just hoping that Shorty Marty won't get stepped on by Chara.
  • Nobody else matters.

::Post game rant::

After the first period

Mood: Still pleased
Liking: Pricey!
Not liking: That stupid gazillion minute penalty given to Andrei Kostitsyn when he stuck up for ickle Sergei who's head got bashed into the boards.....Someone said their parents were in the stands tonight...I wonder how you say "Go HABS Go" in Belorussian....

  • GAME ON!
  • .....hello.....? I said GAME ON! What the heck are you doing?......hello? You're mopping the ice.... c'moooon.....let's get this thing started already!
  • Oh game on? *goes to twitter*
  • GOAL?! But it hasn't even been a minute yet, Kovalev! Okay. I'll take that.
  • Is it just me or does the Hawks' jerseys blend really well with the ice? I can't see them.
  • Oh PRICE! Nice save!
  • And another nice save for the Priceberg!
  • ....why are the Hawks hogging the puck?
  • Oh some Habs offense! Nice!
  • HABS PP!
  • Ahem.... where's that PP? I guess it's the night of the lame PP.....Hawks just had a boring PP....
  • Hawks looking good so far....
  • Priceberg with some BEAUTIFUL saves!
  • that guy Huet made some nice saves too... boohoo....
  • WHAT THE HECK?! Sergei gets a semi-breakaway only to have his head rammed into the boards. Big brother Andrei sticks up for him but 1) can't fight worth a damn and 2) gets two penalties for his efforts while the other guy gets zippo. I wonder what he would have gotten if he had insulted the other guy's girlfriend........ hmm.......
  • Priceberg with more pretty saves.
  • And some more
  • Oh and some more
  • Oh he practically stood on his head for that one....
  • First period thankfully over!

Hmm, k, let's stop giving the Hawks the puck and start peppering Huet now!

Enemy watch

  • Sens aren't winnning. But they aren't losing either. Poop.
  • Boston is smashing Tampa Bay 3-0. Like you expected anything different?

After the second

Mood: Happy but still apprehensive about 3rd
Not liking: KANE and the puck hogging Hawks.I seem to have a personal dislike of Kane for absolutely no reason. Huh.

  • hmmm getting run around.....!
  • Still getting run around...
  • No sign of Sergei....this isn't good... He just got back here!
  • The Priceberg flies too!
  • And he does the splits.... wow...
  • And he practically stands on his head again....
  • PP!
  • Hello.... Koivu...... when we get a PP you don't go running over Huet.....
  • (insert some images of people skating around here)
  • GOAL! Latendresse shoots it at Huet. It goes over his shoulder and down and through him somehow...And the crowd goes nuts!
  • Oh my god... Breezer stopped a Hawks shot on a half open net! Breezer stopped a shot!
  • Here come the Hawks. I think. I can't see them.
  • Oh some offense by the Habs! Koivu can't get a shot....Kovalev can't get a shot.....
  • Penalty kill time... Hammer has to leave after getting knocked in the head....It's like the curse of the mere thought of wanting to wear those cursed barberpole jerseys....
  • PRICE!
  • To quote Habstwit "Kane dekes out the entire Habs team, Price, bench and Bell Centre, but somehow doesn't score". HAHA!
  • Latendresse out of the box for Hammer and comes close again. Denied by Huet....
  • Hawks offense time now... Pricey stops them!
  • Habs offense time... Huet stops them. Poop.
  • Is the period over yet? This has gone on forever... and ever... and ever....
  • Apparently we're still in it. Campbell takes penalty after beating up Higgy. PP TIME!
  • The Priceberg makes a pile of unbelievable saves while flopping around. Of course.. it didn't hurt that the Hawks couldn't shoot straight.
  • (lots more shots were taking on both goalies but EP's brain has gone mushy over the very long period)

Okay...Good period save for all those very, very, very close goals by the Hawks. Don't go to sleep on me now, Habs! Keep it up! Keep it up!

Enemy watch

  • Florida winning 3-1. Uhuh.... not surprised.... Sens have one period left to get it together. I hate you all.
  • Boston still only winning 3-0 over the Bolts...

After the third period

Liking: A WIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!
Not liking: No shutout for the Priceberg

  • Hawks turning up the heat....
  • Priceberg at work again
  • I actually can't remember too much of this period so I'm just going to make some of it up =p it's fairly accurate though if not quite in the right order.....
  • More chances from Habs
  • GAAAAACK. Some Hawk dude got a goal from the blueline... it went whoosh then plop then.... plulp..... Which is my weird sound effects for "it got shot through traffic, hit the side of the net and trickled in. Price couldn't have stopped it from that angle."
  • 7 mins left... COME ON HABS! DON'T DIE ON ME NOW!
  • Hawks piling on the pressure
  • Andrei to the net almost alone. GO ANDREI!
  • ... and now I remember why you're bad at shootouts.... BUT GOOD NEWS!
  • A goal would be nice know... to put the Hawks out of their misery.
  • THEY LISTENED! GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!Schneider with a huge shot which looked like it may have been tipped in by Higgy. OH! OH! OH! OLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
  • Speaking of "olay" did you know that they had a recorder version playing Tampa Bay the other night when they played the Sens? Hello? 1) you don't rip off someone else's song and 2) you don't get people to try to sing it when first off, you're getting blanked in an embarrassing fashion and two, when they don't sing anyway. POOP!
  • Anyway... game not over yet.....though....Can't watch.... Priceberg to the rescue!
  • 2 mins left
  • 1 min left
  • 30 seconds...
  • 25....
  • etc...etc..etc...
  • And yes, do hug the Priceberg. He worked his butt off tonight.
  • Nooooo... Pricey throws his stick into the crowd! I WANT!
  • Actually... I want barberpole style socks. If the Habs aren't going to wear those then I want them!

Wheee that went on way longer than I thought it would... Sorry! Couldn't help myself =p

Enemy watch

  • Sens suck and lost 5-2..... Thank you twerps.....
  • Boston won 3-1. Stammy got the one lone goal for the Bolts....
  • Jackets won 2-1 over the Predators. Rinne looked ticked off in the second Jackets goal
  • Canucks and Wildies currently in OT after being 1-1 in regulation....
  • Duckies and Oilers (which don't mix too well) are 1-1 after the first....


Grrrreg said...

three things:

- Cristo was great with the habs. He was one of my faves, and it was tough to see him leave. So I'm glad he'll play tonight.

- You should never hope that a team that you usually hate will win a game to help your favourite team. Because there's almost no positive outcome. If they win, you feel dirty, and if they lose, it's even worse, because you get really upset, and you can't even enjoy their misery.

- I won't be able to watch the game tonight, as I should already be sleeping. But have a nice game, and go habs go!

Grrrreg said...


It's like the curse of the mere thought of wanting to wear those cursed barberpole jerseys

That's my favourite line of the night!

And I told you not to expect any favors from the Sens. That's just like asking to get slapped in the face... you know it won't end well!

But who cares, we won! I'm now really hoping that the rangers will completely collapse, so that the habs and the panthers can make the playoffs. I like Florida this season.

Number31 said...

Kane deked out everyone and didn't score 'cause the Priceberg stuck his foot out. Pwned ;)

Huet was a classy guy, but he had a knack for letting in the softest goals at the worst possible time...

Eternal Pessimist said...

Grrreg (the first time) - I wasn't really hoping for the Sens to win.. I was more hoping that the Panthers would lose. But it's a moot point for today because the Habs won!

Grrreg (the second time) - Well, the Sens hate me and I hate the Sens so we're all even =p I'm hoping the Rags will collapse too =)

Number31 - Oh I couldn't see what the Priceberg did on that shot. He actually stopped Kane?! HAHA! And yeah... Poor Huet... That second goal by Gui was pretty bad from Huet's point of view....And Kovy's goal wasn't nice either.... Oh well =p

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