Goodbye Carbonneau

Monday, March 9, 2009

So Carbo joins the long list of coaches to get the boot this year. I'm not shocked that it happened but maybe more of the timing of it.

Let's be honest. For weeks now there has been a lot of screaming for Carbonneau to be fired. Of course no one ever listens to the fans because we tend to go overboard but they did make some valid points this time. I've been hesitant to call out Carbonneau any more than I've been hesitant to call out specific players. I believe that everyone has to step up and play their part if this team wants to be successful. It's been obvious that there's been a lot of players who have not stepped up and done their job for whatever reason. And I think recently, Carbonneau has not done the job that needed to be done. I didn't necessarily want him to be fired. I wanted him to do a good job just like I wanted everyone on this team to do well.

This is tough to see and I'm not sure that it's restored my confidence in this team any more yet. In fact, I'm really scared now. I'm scared because Gainey was the one who hired Carbonneau in the first place. He can talk about each team having their own troubles all he wants, but everyone knows that this city is hell to work in sometimes. Was it really smart to bring in a guy who had no previous experience? (I do believe I said this before today so you can't accuse me of talking in hind sight only). This for sure has to be a major blot on his job here now. I'm scared too because for the most part, I like what Gainey has done and if the team tanks majorly now, what will happen to him? He's one of the best things that's happened to this team in a long time regardless of some of the bad decisions....If Gainey goes then what? We go backwards again.

Blergh. I've got a bad headache and I hate my layout right now and I can't freaking make another one work. Not a happy person right now.


Justin said...

And it didn't happen after losing to the Leafs? I thought that was the only way coaches got fired this season.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Me too...Guess Gainey figured losing to them twice was bad enough.

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