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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Guy Carbo was the coach for the Habs
He was the subject of many jabs
His lines were in disarray
So the guys couldn't play
And that's why his job's up for grabs


The Habs have a new coach called Bob
He just took over Carbo's job
He's done this before
And hasn't hit the floor
Thank goodness Gainey's no blob

More Sid bashing....

There once was guy called Sid
Who was really one huge kid
He liked to whine
So glad isn't mine
Why can't he go under a lid?


EP was a rather big dork
Who couldn't even eat with a spork
She hated her layout
And couldn't find a way out
So mad is she that she just yelled out "Blork"


Grrrreg said...

There once was a guy from Europe
Who enjoyed to read EP's dope
He almost always agreed
With what she made him read
Was it ever boring? Nope.

Woooo! I did it! It's funny because I was thinking to start posting a weekly "hockey haiku" the other day, but you beat me to it... Maybe I'll do it anyway.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Well, I guess it serves you right for beating me to all the good topics first, right? =p

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