Gainey gets win!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When the Oilers came to town
They said they'd meet a clown
But the ice was crap
Down they went with a bap!
And so they left without a crown

What? I couldn't find anything that rhymed with Oilers....

The First period saw both teams coming out swining. I was surprised that the Oilers were doing as well as they did. Still, I think the Habs looked pretty good. I mean, a team isn't automatically going to be great when they switch coaches. Sometimes they go backwards for a bit while they adjust. And Tanguay did score the only goal of the first period when Roloson messed up bit.

The second period was.... Well, let's just say that everyone seems to be enjoying the Habs sloppy seconds. The Oilers scored two goals - including a very lame one that went through Price, hovered on the line and got pushed - before Metropolit tied it before the Oilers got another goal. Shots on goal have the Oilers at 17 to 6 but it wasn't as bad as that, I dont think. While the Habs didn't compete as well in the second period, they were getting the puck towards the net and routinely missed it on their shots. It was a lot different than the first period against Dallas the other night.

Captain Koivu came to the rescue and scored with about five minutes left in the third period. Roloson freaked out and the goal was reviewed but it counted. Rollie then took a swipe at Koivu who then later ran over him by accident (I'm giving the Captain the benefit of the doubt here). Koivu would make things great when he tipped in Schneider's shot when the Habs got a powerplay in over time.

  • Metro looked great tonight
  • Stewie continues to impress me as the Habs' cutie faced enforcer
  • The PK was good
  • Price was good despite the one bad goal (like Roloson's goals were better?!)
  • PP worked once when it was important
  • There weren't very many penalties actually, which was a nice change
  • maybe it was just me but the defense looked a lot better tonight
  • The Habs could have had a lot more goals if the Rollie hadn't been so on top of it when his team kept putting the puck towards him. Souray must have kicked it at him at least twice.
  • Considering how the last game between these teams went... I'm very pleased with the result tonight. They competed tonight.
  • Oh and the media is dumb and gave Gagner the third star and not Metropolit. Boohoo.
  • And my new layout seems to have brought the Habs good luck

Enemy watch aka the night of the OT wins

  • Pens beat the Panthers in shootouts (that's good news. Sorta)
  • Flyers beat the Sabres in regulation (that's semi good news)
  • Steve Mason is now a Bruins killer. He shut them out 2-0 (that's good)
  • Leafs beat the Islanders in OT (that sucks)
  • Red Wings beat the Coyotes in OT (they had to go to OT?!)
  • Boring Devils beat the cold Flames (yuck?)
  • Sharks blew a lead to the Wild again but won in OT (that really sucks)
  • Fedorov got the OT winner for the Caps against Nashville. Caps would have won in regulation but Fleischmann's goal in regulation time was reversed..... (first bit is good)


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