What I learned from this game

Friday, February 6, 2009

  1. A good first period by the Habs means nothing. They outshot the Sabres, they outplayed the Sabres and yet the score was 0-0 after the first period. I've seen this movie too many times and it's getting really annoying now.
  2. Lucky bounces are good. Sadly, it was the Sabres getting all the luck tonight. The Sabres caught a lucky break when the puck took a weird bounce and caught Price by surprise. Fine. A weird bounce off a stick I can take. If that's what actually happened.... Think positive... think positive....Price was not dozing on that shot... it was a lucky bounce off a stick... it was a lucky bounce of the stick.... Price was not dozing....
  3. Not watching the players around you leads to goals. Defense fell asleep almost immediately after Saku Koivu got awarded a goal in which Pacioretty did most of the work and the Sabres scored again. People, people. What happened to communication and watching the guys around you?! That was stupid. Still it was only 2-1.
  4. We also learned that the Habs simply can't win if they're trailing going into the third period. They're allergic to trying hard in the third if they're down. Third period was crap for the Habs and a bad play from... Oh jeez, I forgot already who it was, lead to yet another goal for the Sabres.
  5. Hamlrik can score. Sometimes.
  6. Winning faceoffs is pointless if the guy on the other team is just going to take the puck off of you. Might as well just stand there and let him take it. At least then you could get a head start in skating down the other end of the rink......
  7. When the defense sleeps teams lose. What was it "who's the crappiest defenseman night"?
  8. When the offense doesn't work save for a few guys then the team doesn't score and then the team loses. Which is directly linked to lesson 9.
  9. Taking penalties when you're team has the chance to tie the game is bad. Kovalev, I am going to kill you.....I don't know what goes on in that brain of yours but I'm almost wishing that there's something physically wrong with you as supposed to mentally because this is awful.
  10. And finally, we learned that the Habs just can't win two games in a row anymore. I'm sad but way too tired to really care.


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