Sergei vs Grabovski round 3

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dear Carbo, Ron "the killer of the Habs fan's happiness" Wilson and the refs,

Can I ask you all a favor? If Carbo can't motivate Kovy to motivate the Habs tonight, can you all at least do be the great favor of letting Sergei and Grabs go at it? I'm in dire need of something entertaining and this could be it. Please? Pour moi? I knew there was something wrong with me when last night's game was over and I wasn't upset anymore. I was indifferent and about an hour later, I was actually happy. Not a good sign from a fanatic, you know? A fanatic is supposed to be upset at least 16 hours after the Habs lose. Something's wrong here. But of course that's really Carbo's problem to fix and I'll be sure to rant to him next. But for now, I would greatly appreciate it if you all just let the Belarusians (yes, it's spelled with one S) go at it tonight. If we're lucky then maybe Sergei can knock out Grabs. Look, if Grabs gets knocked out everyone wins. Sergei's happy, Habs fans are happy, and you Mr. Wilson can be happy too because c'mon, let's face it, there was a good reason why you benched him during that last debacle against the Sabres. At least I'm assuming that there was a good reason... Anyway, thanks for listening. I'll be watching the game with not much hope whatsoever for my poor team. Maybe another embarrassing loss to the Leafsies is what they need to wake up.... maybe not.... whatever....we're getting off topic now....

- EP

P.S. You sure Toskala isn't from Belarus? Maybe he could use a little feuding to get him motivated to play better....? Maybe not....


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