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Friday, February 6, 2009

.....Will Grabovski be playing tomorrow when the Leafs roll in? He was a healthy scratch when the Leafs got dumped by the Sabres and if I was Ron Wilson and I wanted to cut short my time in the Bell Center because it's just that painful then I would keep Grabs out. But I'm not Ron Wilson and despite my stance on wanting to reduce fighting in the NHL, I wouldn't mind it if Sergei had a go at Grabs. So far they haven't really been able to have a go at it which is probably what has made this whole thing rather entertaining. It provides me with a lot more entertainment when they go dissing each other in whatever language they chose off the ice as supposed to beating the crap out of each other on the ice. But whatever.... We shall see what happens. As long as the Leafs lose I'm a happy person.

Moving on......

Missed a full day of complaining yesterday. Imagine that. I'll make up right now.

I'm really not liking the Bruins. Yes, yes, I'm liking them less than on Sunday even. First off, I've been randomly amusing myself with hockey stats over the last week and I've found that up until that little four game losing streak the Habs were actually doing a lot better than they were last year (we're still doing better than last year now). It's not that we suck right now. It's that the Bruins have simply exploded this year. Okay, fine. I could have told myself that without looking at stats. But it's scarier when you see a little squiggly line across a screen detailing the total amount of points per game for the last three years and seeing the previous flat line which denoted a string of losses for the Bruins suddenly turn into a line streaking straight up and up and up.... bleh. And second, I hate them for not decimating the Sens and actually going through a pile of shootouts with them....Not only does it make me mad because they clearly weren't putting up the same effort last night as on Sunday (okay, fine, so they had just decimated the Flyers the night before) but now it gives the Sens some bragging rights. YUCK. Oh and I hate San Jose for falling six points behind the Bruins with a silly loss to Carolina. San Jose is the best chance there is of keeping the Bruins out of the top spot in the league and they can't handle the lowly Hurricanes?!!!! Hello...... That's maddening..... and the way the Flames played in the first period against the Blackhawks was even more maddening...... Wait... why do I care about this anyway? I dunno. I just feel like complaining about something. I'll stop now. More on those stats later once I've organized them into a coherent fashion.

Habbbies to take on the Sabres now. The Sabres have been on somewhat of a roll in their last ten games - going 6-4-0 and recently came off a 5-0 bashing of the Leafs. Then again, it's the Leafs we're talking about so no need to get excited folks. At least they've been doing better than the Habs who are 4-6-0 in their last ten - but we did just beat the sleepy Pens 4-2. The Sabres apparently have 4 people out with various injuries while we have.... 5. Habs have taken the last two meetings between these two teams while the Sabres eked out a shootout win back in October.

Hopefully the Habs can win this. Really depends on a few things. Like whether they decided to show up or not and whether Miller (I'm assuming Miller is going to be in nets?) plays well or not. The win over the Pens was great, but I'm expecting a much better effort from the Sabres, in which case the Habs need to be ready to play hard tonight. And I wouldn't mind if the Habs didn't keep letting the Sabres grab the lead like they did last time they played.....I could go on a bit here but I need to go and practice my Spanish now....

*kicks spellcheck for saying that Sabres isn't a word* IT'S A WORD NOW, DARNIT, SO STOP CORRECTING IT!


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