So it's "MY" Habs that are stinking right now?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I hate the use the phrase "your Habs" by writers who are clearly Habs fans themselves. To me, it feels like the writer is putting an emotional distance between themselves and the team when things go wrong because there's just no way that the team that just lost terribly can be theirs. What I often see these days is when the Habs win it's "the Habs win" and when they lose it's "your Habs lost". It comes off as "That can't possibly be my team that just lost. So it's YOUR team that just lost in the most embarrassing fashion. I'm not part of this." Look, it's like when you have two parents who's kid just totaled the car and one parent says "look what YOUR kid just did" to which the other parent replies "well, he's your kid too". Just because that hypothetical kid did something wrong doesn't make him just the responsibility of one parent. Okay, that's deviating slightly from what I'm trying to say here. But I almost never see the phrase "your habs" when the Habs win. It's almost always when they lose. They're not MY Habs when they lose. Win OR LOSE they're everyone's. Well, technically, they're George Gillette's but yeah....

Think I'm insane?

Well, you're right.

But consider this too. There's a lot of people who think that Ross Perot's use of the phrase "you people" at a NAACP meeting cost him his first presidential campaign because of the negative implications that it had.

Fine so it's slightly off topic. But the point is, please be aware of the pronouns you use. It can make people upset.

Especially those of us who are still feeling crappy, sometimes like grammar and can't think particularly straight.


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