Evidently they didn't poll the Habs fans

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A recent poll "found about two-thirds of Canadians still laugh with their partner every day, while another 25 per cent do so at least two to three times a week......Laughing through adversity is a common, if sometimes surprising reaction to painful circumstances...Gallows humour allows people who've lost almost everything to guard against losing their spirit as well....."

How come the only ones laughing last night were the Oilers and their less-than-noisy fans? Because I'm still cranky I shall now for no reason list the top ten things I hate right now.
  1. Habs losing
  2. Habs losing in an embarrassing fashion
  3. Habs losing in a very embarrassing fashion
  4. nobody knowing why said Habs are losing this way
  5. Late night games
  6. senseless lineups that don't even make sense to a rabbit (and my rabbit is pretty darn intelligent)
  7. announcers who can't, or dont' want to, announce
  8. spring that comes in February because 1) it's not really spring and 2) it's a really soggy and wet out. And my knees can't take soggy and wet.
  9. The mere existence of the Boston Bruins
  10. a total lack of potatoes in the house
There's nothing like a good list of everything you hate to make you feel better.


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