Habs play dress-up as they take on Bruins

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yup. It's the game of the "let's wear the old jerseys". And today they had to go and pick the ugliest one ever. There's a reason why the Habs 1) dumped the name "CAC" and 2) dumped the striped jersey in favor of the more confusing "CH" and the more stylish looking colours that dont' involve looking like an inmate...... It remains to be seen what the bi-polar Habs will do today. I'm asuming that Josh Gorges will be out of comission for today as defenseman Alex Henry was called up from Hamilton.

My prediction:
  • Bruins win 4-2
  • Habs make an okay go of it
  • powerplay stinks
  • penalty killing is bad
  • Bruins will get a shorthanded goal
  • Carbo will look as though he wants to kill something or someone

Then again... As Grrreg pointed out, the ugly striped jerseys serve the important purpose of distracting the Bruins (you know, like a certain Serbian tennis star tried to do over the summer in that horrendous blue and orange outfit. His plans failed miserably).... In that case...If all goes according to plan (and c'mon, stripes are more distracting than orange and blue) Habs win 4-3 in OT


Grrrreg said...

The stripped jersey has a purpose. It's specially designed to hypnotize the Bruins.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Ahhhhhhh....I knew there had to be another reason!

Jane said...

Remember, you can only be hypnotized if you WANT to be hypnotized. Wardrobe is one piece, but not the whole puzzle, mon frere.

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