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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Question of the hour: When does Kovy get to sit out a game? Because he's driving me up the bloody wall right now. I can't for the life of me figure out why the guy can't be more motivated to play well. He knows he can do better. Carbo knows it. Everyone in this city knows it. He's proven in the AllStar Game that he can play well when he feels like it. But for some reason he just doesn't seem motivated to go out there and work hard when it matters. Yesterday it was like he was in a different zone altogether. I'm getting really tired of the teams' supposed "best players" playing like they don't care. If the Habs want to have a hope in hell of even making the playoffs then they better get their act together and start working hard. EVERYONE.

I didn't really expect a different outcome but it doesn't change the fact that I'm freaking annoyed right now. I'm annoyed because I thought that they played well today. Well enough to beat at least three out of the four teams that they lost to last week. Well enough to beat most teams. If they had played that way before we would not be sitting 18 points behind the Bruins right now. I'm annoyed because their best today wasn't good enough to get past the flailing goalie - and by the way, I'm giving Chara most of the credit for keeping the pucks away from Thomas in the first place. I'm annoyed at their seemingly ineffectual powerplay which went 1 for... well, it felt like 100 but I guess that's not right. I'm annoyed because their best freaking chance at scoring came when the Bruins own guy hit the puck towards Thomas. I'm annoyed that despite a really good third period they couldn't get the puck past Thomas who came up with some brilliant saves. I'm annoyed because Lang and Latendresse had to go out after being bashed. Why can't they ever bash the guys who don't work?! Why does it have to be the guy who despite not being able to win an important faceoff to save his life, still works hard?! I'm also annoyed because I hate those stupid striped jerseys and I found it really distracting. Obviously more so than the Bruins did. I think the Habs must have had "bash my head into the boards, plz" written on the back of those jerseys because that's what kept happening.

And yes, I'm still really ticked off that Federer lost this morning. And yes, I'm tired from only getting four hours of sleep. Sue me.

GIVE ME A BETTER EFFORT PEOPLE. You can do it. You know it. They know. We all know it. JUST DO IT!

Oh $%^&*....... Now they're saying that Latendresse may have suffered a shoulder injury and Lang's injury may actually be a cut tendon in his heel....If that's true then he's finished for the season and we just lost our top goal scorer......


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