I feel like I've just committed some sin

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've never ever walked away from a game before. Never. Every game I've watched - and I'll fess up and say I've only missed one game and even that I followed the scoreboard for - I've sat through. Throughout all of these embarrassing games, I was there sitting in front of the TV watching ever second of it. I felt guilty about walking away, even if I knew what the result was going to be, so I stayed through all 60 painful minutes.

Tonight I just walked away for the first time.

I feel guilty - very guilty - but I'm exhausted from a week of not sleeping well and I'm already coming down with a cold and I feel like crap right now. I feel like I'm abandoning my guys and I feel like if the scoreboard was different, maybe I'd be still sitting there regardless of the hour. Maybe not. I don't know. I can't even think straight right now, I feel that crappy....

I'm torn between whether I walked away because I really care about my health or if I walked away because I couldn't take the pain of seeing the Oilers score again and again and again. The thing is, I'm not even that upset anymore. I'm past that stage. But it's still painful when you see this happen.

I'm sowwy. I still love my Habbies!

To sleep I go where I will definitely be dreaming of happier things. Wish I could say the same for Price.


Grrrreg said...

I think they quit playing before you stopped watching. So they're the ones to blame. Thank god I haven't tried to wake up in the middle of the night to see that! :)
I'm completely past being upset too. It's more like disbelief now. I don't even know what to think about this debacle. I mean, what does Carbo do now? Take them to Minigolf?

Anonymous said...

It's okay. I fall asleep during the third period in a lot of games, and that includes the ones that start at 7pm...but usually only when the Pens are losing. :(

kristin said...

I was technically awake for the whole game, but started to fall asleep during the 3rd. I woke up a bit after they scored their second goal and started to play slightly less terribly.

You going to bed is totally acceptable, especially since you're coming down with a cold. You gotta stay healthy for when they turn this around and you have to stay up late for the good games!

Eternal Pessimist said...

Thanks. I feel slightly better this morning.

Grrreg- maybe they should all go to deserted island and stay there until they've worked out their issues...

Justin - *sniffles* At least the Pens won last night. That was almost as stunning as the Habs loss *g*

Kristin - great, so I missed the period where they didn't let in fifty goals..... *wails*

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