I object! Wait.... no I don't....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I've got half an hour to go before the puck supposedly drops at the Bell Center (probably more because you know, games never start on time) and I was bored and hungry and so I went looking around on the net and I came across a survey on ESPN (yes, yes I know, I know....) where they asked random questions of the players in the NHL. Among the random questions like "which player would make the best president/prime minister" (Iginla got the most votes in case you didnt want to know) was the question "which team has the most disruptive fans?". As soon as I saw that question I just knew that us poor fans here in Montreal were going to get the highest vote. C'mon.. We're totally disruptive, right? We're terrible. Well, according to the 20% of the players who responded to the survey, we're not the most disruptive fans in the NHL. That distinction goes to the fans of the Philadelphia Flyers. I'm not saying that I want to be known as a disruptive fan but... but.. I object to the people thinking that the Flyers' fans are noisier than Habs fans.... No one is noisier than Habs fans......*sniffles* We just know how to manage our noise into a more orderly fashion which makes us appear less disruptive! Yeah! That's it..... Bwahahaha..... okay... yes... almost game time and I need food.... C'mon fans show me what you've got and boo the heck out of the Leafs!


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