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Saturday, January 24, 2009

I think I like this All Star thing. It's kind of fun. I wish people - including you guys who write for the papers here - would stop dissing the event. I mean, yeah, it's meaningless. That's the whole darn point of it. It's a meaningless FUN event. Let me say that again. The AllStar thing is a meaningless F-U-N event where most of the best players come together and do meaningless FUN things together in front of an APPRECIATIVE crowd. Look, is it sad that Crosby, Lidstrom and Datsyuk aren't participating? Well, as a non fan of Crosby, I don't care too much. And I couldn't really care too much if the other two aren't here either to be honest. Do I care that the Habs fans stuffed the ballot box? Heck no. If you're going to let the fans vote, you're going to get ballot stuffing. Don't try and tell me that the Pens didn't do it either. Bottom line is: it's supposed to be FUN and the only thing keeping it from being (more) fun is the people who whine about it.

Okay enough complaining.

Okay, so the cold weather outside was absolutely horrid so I didn't bother to lineup and buy tickets to go to all the stuff for the fans downtown (I know, I know. But I figured I wasn't missing too much) but I did get some pictures of the stuff outside- my fingers froze just trying to take the stupid pictures - and I blew some money at the gift shop (which got taken over with AllStars stuff). I couldn't help myself... I'm oddly drawn to the over prized merchandise that the NHL sells..... ANYWAY... the skills thingy was kind of cool to watch. I mean, I wouldn't want to watch them every week or anything but yeah....

My favorite thing was definitely the breakaway challenge. I think St. Louis had a couple of neat moves and I liked Stamkos' last one, and I'll biased and say that I liked Kovalev too, but I have to say that Ovechkin got my vote tonight. I'm sorry, but you don't vote against the guy with the hat, the glasses and two sticks. How can you? You want creativity? That was it. I loved it *g*

I know Price wasn't particularly trying tonight, but I'm hoping that it was mainly because everyone knows that it was a meaningless game and no one cares how many goals he lets in and not because he's ankle is still hurting him..........

I was going to say more but the Fed is about to play at a fairly decent hour here so I'm off to watch him decimate Berdych. In theory...


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