Sunday, January 25, 2009

Seriously man! What was that?!!!! Dropping the first two sets - including getting your serve broke in the very first set - in a horrendous fashion and looking just as horrid in the first four games of the third set.....If I hadn't been so exhausted I would have stayed up all night watching you eke out a five set win. But I missed the rest of the match and had dreams of you losing in straight sets. On a day that saw another of the women's top players fall on the very same court that you were going to play on, and saw another top seeded woman almost fall, I had to ask: Was this court cursed or something? Jankovic lost to Bartoli in straight sets, Safina faced half a dozen (at least) match points against her but fought back from 2-5 to take the third set and the match at 7-5.

And YOU Mr. Federer, looked awful at the start. You dropped serve in the very first game, you got run around like a qualifer, you dropped serve again.... and you magically managed to break serve once but lost the first set anyway. What was going on? You seemed completely out of sorts and then you looked like your brain was getting your way. There seemed nothing wrong with you physically but mentally you were obviously suffering. Your body language showed a guy who upset more with himself than he was with his opponent. I mean, you both had around the same amount of winners but in your case, for every winner you had, you had almost the same amount of unforced errors. Not acceptable from a guy ranked in the top 10 and definitely not acceptable from the former world no 1. And you knew that. Those errors were what were keeping you out of this match at first. They kept replaying your mind and you couldn't focus. You came up with the plays to break serve but then you couldn't hold your own serve. It was awful.

But you pulled out of it because in the end, you knew that you weren't going to go out in the 4th round. You couldn't. There was no way that the papers were going to have the headlines "For the first time since 2004, Federer loses before the semi finals". So you pulled out a win. You deserved it if only because you hung in there mentally. And now I can rest easy for a little bit.


And just because I could Ovechkin's in the breakaway challenge for quite a bit....

You just don't vote against the guy with the hat.... you just dont...


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