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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

...because I can't watch too many more hockey games like last nights.

I don't know about you but I'm finding it a bit difficult to come up with the worst game of the season so far. I would like to nominate tonight's game however, as one of the worst for the Habs. They can thank the Hurricanes for being an awful team too for the reason that the game was only 3-2 at the end. The Habs took a total of 11 penalties tonight which severely limited their ability to score. Granted, at least one of those penalties shouldn't have been called but I think most of them were fairly called. I guess. Carolina should have taken a couple of penalties that they didn't... Anyway, all three of Carolina's goals came on power-plays which started with Staal scoring two in the first period. If you stand in front of the net you're bound to get a goal in at some point. And Staal did just that when he was presented with a half open net not once, but twice. I was hoping that things would get turned around in the third period and it sort of did. In between all the penalties that they got, the Habs were presented with a penalty shot which Latendresse took. I was kind of nervous here and wasn't expecting a lot, but he shot over Cam Ward's shoulder and into the back of the net. Things seemed to be doing okay later on when Kovalev finally got a goal after a face off in the Hurricanes end. But then things imploded and the Habs played lame hockey and took more penalties and it was lights out. Oh and of course Carolina scored again. It was some guy that wasn't Staal. What, you expect me to remember all the names of the players on the other team?

Oh well... I'm starting to be calm about this whole 'let's go on a losing spree' thing.

The good - Montreal's two goals plus Halak. Again, he looks like an idiot because the Habs went to sleep on him. He came up with some really good saves tonight. Okay, okay, he wasn't perfect. He's got issues with the rebounds and whatnot but seriously, you're telling me Cam Ward was a lot better?!

The bad - the rest of the game

The ugly - 11 penalties! That adds up to 22 mins that the Habs were at a disadvantage. That's over one whole period.

The stupid - Cam Ward leaving the net when a penalty was called.....not the Habs but for Carolina. Can't really blame him though, he was on auto-pilot and was just doing what he had been doing all night.


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