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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

...I start talking about Andy Murray. Sue me. I had to go and read about something other than how badly every other team I follow is doing. Anyway, so there was this thing that appeared in the Telegraph thing and Murray was talking about some of the things that he can do to improve his game and all that jazz. Apart from being more fit, Mr. Murray also wants to add a few pounds/kilos/whatever before things start going again in January. His plan for obtaining aforementioned objective?

"If I'm going to put on six pounds or so I'll have to eat loads, because I'm training for five hours a day," he said. "I'll be eating sushi, drinking protein drinks, eating those bars you have after a match. Mind you, my gran is cooking Christmas lunch, so I don't think that will be sushi." [taken from over here]

Either I'm missing something here or Murray actually thinks that he's going to gain weight by eating sushi. Dude, I'm living proof that you can't get fat by eating sushi.... Maybe he's planning on just putting it all on during his grandmother's Christmas meal? I know I'll probably pack on a few pounds on Christmas. Or maybe not. I'm still pushing for my grandmother to get sushi for Christmas but I doubt I'll be getting that either. Ah well...Murray's still got a while to go before he can keep up with Rafa.

Enough about Murray. I've finally got around to looking at the upcoming matches for the Davis Cup in March Here's who's going to play who:

Czech Republic vs. France
Argentina vs. Netherlands
U.S.A. vs. Team Roger Federer
Croatia vs. Chile
Sweden vs. Israel
Russia vs. Romania
Germany vs. Austria
Spain vs. Serbia

Should be fun as long as Argentina, Team Roger and Spain get through. Oh and Croatia too because I like Cilic. I think that France, Argentina, Croatia, Russia and Spain will be through for sure. I would like to see Team Roger get through, though I expect that the U.S. would have to be the favorites. And I have no idea about the Germany/Austria and the Sweden/Israel matchups. I didn't know that Israel even had any singles players...

In case you didn't want to hear about hokcey: Columbus beat San Jose in OT!!!! Like hello?! The BLUE JACKETS beat the SHARKS?! That's insane.... And of course it just HAD to be Umberger who got that OT goal... *rolls eyes*


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