Blues waste chance to grab top spot

Sunday, December 14, 2008

No, not the St. Louis Blues. I'm going to bet you everything I have that they will not end up top of the league this season. They'll never make the top of their division either. Anyway, I'm talking about Chelsea here. After Liverpool made an almost come back against Hull City which fell flat and ended with a tie, the Blues had a great chance to grab the top spot in the Premier League by beating West Ham (they're sitting in 16th out of 20 teams). It had been quite some time since Chelsea had lost the top spot to Liverpool but since then they had only been trailing the Reds by one point. So, what does Chelsea do with this great chance? They blow it and tie. I didn't see the game but judging by the stats, Chelsea dominated the game with 31.. I was going to say shots but I guess that's not what they it? Maybe. I guess. Whatever they are...the Blues basically peppered West Ham with the ball but only managed one goal. By contrast, the West Hammies got 6 shots and 1 goal. 6 shots! *sighs*

At least Man U tied with Tottenham. HAH!

Higgins' is slowly becoming a true Montrealer

S0 Christopher Higgins has reportedly been having technical difficulties since injuring his shoulder. In an article that appeared in the newspaper this morning, Higgy is having trouble turning on his turning signal in his car as well as having trouble keeping his balance on the icy sidewalks downtown because of his arm has been in a sling. Why the first bit is a problem, I'm not sure, because no one turns on their turning signal things on here anyway. As for the second, Higgy should know by now that it's way too dangerous to walk on the sidwalks when it's icy - even downtown - and that it's almost safer to walk on the roads. I think he's realized that he's slowly assimilating into the culture here. By the time he can use that shoulder again, he'll be a true Montrealer *g*


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