My Christmas List

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Santa,

I would like the following for Christmas (in no particular order):

  1. I would like the Habs powerplay to be better.
  2. Oh and their face-offs could be better too.
  3. And I would like it if they didn't take such stupid penalties all the time.
  4. And their bi-polar like tendencies could stop.
  5. I would be very happy if Federer won at Wimbledon and the US Open. I suppose it would be asking for too much for him to win in Australia also, but I'll put that down just in case.
  6. If Andy Murray forgot how to play tennis, that would be just smashing.
  7. And it would be wonderful if Roger could win the Masters Cup thing too.
  8. It would be wonderful if either Chelsea, Liverpool or Real Madrid made the finals of the Champions League and won it. Especially for Chelsea.
  9. If Chelsea wins the Champions League, can Liverpool win at home in England? Or vice-versa....
  10. Would it be asking too much for Barca and Man U to drop off the face of the planet? I would like very much for that to happen
Thanks in advance dude!


I'm still cranky from last night's game so I've decided to perk myself up by watching random amusing tennis stuff (i'm also enjoying embedding video into posts as well. I'm easily amused sometimes). Okay, so technically it doesn't have anything to do with tennis but rather certain tennis players. ANYWAY! To start with, my favorite. Novak imitating a pile of other tennis players. I laugh every time I see this.

And then there's Roddick's most amusing interview ever. You have to give credit to the guy for having a sense of humor after he just got demolished by Federer at the semis of the 2007 Australian Open. If I didn't like watching Federer and Nadal so much I would definitely go for Roddick... Er well... I'd probably go for Novak then Cilic then Roddick. But yeah....I like the bit where they ask him how big a chance Gonzalez will have against Federer and he says "slim". Try "no chance" actually. Anyway, on to the video:

Oh and then there's this one of Andre Agassi and Federer doing something....I dunno... I think they were raising money for something... Anyway... Agassi decides that Roger can stand being made fun of . It seems like Agassi is the only one who Federer doesn't mind making fun of him. Well, someone has to do it sometimes!


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