Habs to play Hurricanes in a blizzard

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Or is it a blizzard in a hurricane? I think I'm sleep deprived already. Anyway, I actually don't see so much snow coming down right now but we'll see how it goes later on. But moving on to the real point now: the Habbies are to take on the Hurricanes for their last game before the holiday break - which may or not be much of a break depending on how tonight goes. After that little fiasco last time they played, I'm hoping that the Habs feel motivated to come out and beat the Hurricanes tonight. The last two games have been a real turnaround for the Habbies and I would greatly appreciate if they kept it up and crushed the opposition tonight. I'm just hoping that Price is actually fully recovered and won't pull a braindead stunt like Fleury did last night.

We shall hope and squash our new habs pillows that the Habbies win tonight. Otherwise I'll be hitting those sherry bottles stored in my grandmother's cupboard for the holidays.

Time to hit the sherry bottles

What is it about the Hurricanes that makes the Habbies play like crap? I personally wasn't too impressed with the game tonight. Despite outshooting the Hurricanes - huh? it really didn't feel like they outshot though but whatever - the Habs dropped 1-0 after the end of the first period. Here we go again. There was hope though. Even when the Habs were tied 1-1 on D'Agostini's pretty goal, they dropped another one. Still there was plenty of hope. The Habs technically evened the score with around eight minutes left but it was disallowed because the Hurricanes got a penalty. Like hello?! You don't give the idiots penalties all nigtht but you give them one NOW? So it was to the powerplay which had been stinking all night and what do you know... Lang gets the puck past Ward. Whooopie. To OT we then went. The stupid Hurricanes shot the puck at Price who looked like he had it but it dribbled past him and while it wasn't it then someone pushed it into the net. Byebye Habs.


I'd whine about the power play that pretty much wasn't and all the penalties that Carolina didn't take and the stupid officiating (AGAIN) and why I hate Eric Staal but I won't....*sighs again*

Did you know that sherry's from Spain? And that the name is apparently derived from the word "Xeres" which was the Arabic name for the area that the stuff comes from?

Liiiiiveeerpooool you tied with Arsenal.

By accounts however, this wasn't a bad thing. It was better than those ties with all those not so good teams. That being said, apparently the Reds had a lot of good opportunities to come away with two points. But a draw isn't terrible. Then again... I believe the door is now open for Chelsea to take a one point lead if they win against Everton tomorrow. Hmmm....!

Well....desperate people will turn to desperate measures...

In my case I watched Djokovic sing "The twelve days of Christmas" along with a few other players (including Murray!). Well, I actually should say "attempt to sing" because he really can't sing. But he made up for his awful singing by being incredibly funny by messing up the words to the song and making up new words as he went. Ah, Nole, I know you're trying to be taken more seriously but that video really did not help that. Oh well, it's great if you want to take your mind off the Habbies. It's really too bad that they couldn't force Federer to do it. That would have been truly hilarious. Oh well...Next time they should offer 1,000 atp points to whoever shows up and does this *g*


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