When the Habs depress you...part 2

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It was a dark and stormy night (didn't you read the papers about the almost-blizzard the other day?) I was sitting on my couch staring in disbelief at the TV. My beloved Montreal Canadiens had just gone and lost another stupid game. When was this going to stop? I fumed. How could they have gone from playing a brilliant game to this horrendous display of hockey? When were they going to come out and permantely play like the very talented team that they were and beat every single team that stepped onto the ice? Was it ever going to happen? My mind invariably went back to the other games that the Habs had played against far inferior teams and had lost. I was still fuming over those losses too. Why oh why did they have to be so terrible against bad teams like this? Why? I thought about tossing something at the TV but then I remembered that I didn't have any money to replace it.

So instead I went stomping around the house. I was angry. Very angry. A sudden desire to do something very drastic came over me. You should know that on my door I have pictures of various sports related stuff. I have a picture of the Spanish team celebrating their Euro Cup win. I have a picture of Federer and Nadal winning at the US Open and Wimbledon. I also have the logos of the various teams I support plastered inbetween all the pictures. Anyway, you get the idea. Below this, my door is covered in Habs pictures that I nabbed from the papers. I managed to fit the first fifteen or so games on there before having to resort to using the other side of the door.

Unable to find a pen, I had to abandon the idea of scribbling all over the Canadiens in fit of annoyance at them. So instead, I came up with another idea. It was drastic - and smacked of someone who was very desperate- and I knew that the reprecussions could be very bad if someone took it a certain way. I opened up my computer and began searching for the image that I had in mind. It didn't take long. .23 seconds to come up with over 57,000 hits, if you were wondering. Anyway, I took the picture and after fixing it up a little bit I printed it.

I admit that at the time, I did feel a twinge of emotion as I saw the blue maple leaf with the white text coming out of my printer, but I pressed on with my plan. I was annoyed with the Habs now. Very annoyed. I almost wished at the time that I could pretend that they didn't exist so that I would not have to go through all this agony. I cut out the logo of the most hated team in my city and stuck it on my door. That would show them! I growled. And they thought that they were losers?! They had nothing on the other team.

Standing back, I admired the little Tonronto Maple Leafs logo that was now pasted onto my door. It was kind if nice looking actually, I thought to myself. It fit right in with the other logos that I had on the door. Of course the words "Toronto Maple Leafs STINK!" made it just perfect.

Like I said, and the Habs thought that they were losers? They have nothing on the Leafs. As bad as you may think it is for the Habs, it's still worse for the Leafs. And that, everyone, is something to smile about.


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